2 ways to sharpen your skates

To sharpen skates at home, you'll need a hand or power tool. If you don't ride often, you'll do quite well with a nadphill mounted on a wooden bar. And it's easier for the rink regulars to use a bolt cutter or drill.

grinder drill

How to determine whether the skates are sharpened
Look at the cross-sectional shape of the blade. Dull ones are shaped like a letter «P» (no indentation), sharp — letter shape «M» (with notch).

  • M (notched); a file with an appropriate diameter;
  • A wooden block with a longitudinal hole along the width of the blade. It should have a U-shape, with the groove where they attach the notch; — for finishing.

grinder drill

When you clamp the ridge in a vise, «go to» With sandpaper on a blade to clean off rust. It will be easier to sharpen the skates.

sharpen skates home

  • Place the block with the burr in the toe part of the blade. With a firm movement toward you, trace the contours of the groove.
  • Visually determine the depth of the groove. With pressure on the block and reciprocating back and forth, make a recess of the desired size.
  • Finish by sanding the slide to remove any burrs on the metal.

The degree of sliding depends on the radius of the groove. The deeper the groove, the better the skates grip the ice, the skates are more maneuverable and stable. Hockey sharpen with a radius of 8-15mm, shaped sharpen deeper — 15-20 mm.

How to sharpen skates at home with a grinder or drill

With the grinder or drill attached, place the grinding wheel. The thickness of the notch should be 1 mm less than the thickness of the shaped depression in the skate. Fix the ridge and sharpen the blade from the toe to the heel.

If you sharpen it yourself, you will not get the exact radius of the gutter, much less make a zet gutter or FBV. To sharpen your skates properly, take them to a craftsman.

sharpen your skates

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