3 common reasons why your refrigerator clicks

Is it considered a breakdown when the refrigerator clicks? Before you call a handyman, try to figure it out for yourself. Pay attention to 3 points:

refrigerator clicks

  • Unit clicks when the motor stops, but the light in the chamber is on and it freezes normally — the motor mount is loose. When it stops working, it makes contact with the cabinet. Change the inclination of the unit by leveling it. If it keeps clicking, adjust the springs that hold the compressor;
  • Loud clicking noises when the motor is not running — Plastic parts and evaporator tubes crackle when heating and cooling. This defect will not lead to failure, because it does not affect the operation of the device;
  • clicking when you turn the compressor on and off — The thermostat switches, controlling the set temperature in the chambers. It’s not a malfunction, but a feature of some models.

your refrigerator

If your refrigerator clicks and won’t freeze, contact a service center.

Now you know why your fridge clicks.

fridge clicks

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your refrigerator

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