3 secrets how to choose a fan

A fan seems like nothing until it hits July +30 ⁰C outside. And you’re suddenly without air conditioning. Heat terror raises the fan crush to the sky, because yes (!), they work!

  1. You won’t catch a cold because of the fan (if you don’t wrap yourself in a wet sheet from the fridge).
  2. It’s cheap!
  3. No complicated set up.
  4. Can be carried from room to room and to the other side of the planet (that is, to the cottage).
  5. There’s a vintage style to using a fan.
adjustable height

How to choose a fan, read below.

Fans: which one to choose?

The choice of a fan for ventilation comes down to. size. Decide how much wind you need?

    Has a small power, so «will get» just the person sitting next to you. The small size allows us to set it up wherever we want. Usually table fans have only one mode of operation. Some can rotate 90 °. — The thing is more serious, capable of blowing the room from corner to corner. It has 3-8 fan modes and a tripod (leg) that is sometimes adjustable in height. During operation, can rotate in the sector 90 – 180 °.

What to consider before choosing a fan?

To know how to choose a fan for the room, you should pay attention to such parameters:

1. Fan capacity (power has nothing to do with it).

adjustable height

Many people confuse power with air throughput, not knowing that the power figure indicates how much electricity a unit uses per hour of operation. But it has nothing to do with capacity, which determines how much air you move per unit of time. It is the size of the blades that determines the efficiency of cooling in the room. The wider they are, the stronger they disperse the air. But their number does not affect the process of blowing cold. Variable blade speed fans let you adapt the airflow to the conditions.

2. Fan Stability.

The weighted base block is much more stable than the curved support or tripod. This is especially important if the family has small children or animals.

3. The presence of the protective grid.

The grid with fine mesh will protect your belongings and hands from the fan. Even if the blower falls off, nothing happens to the propeller.

Bladeless fans

For those who appreciate original design, safety in operation and quietness we recommend bladeless fans. These things work like a jet engine. A turbine at the base of the fan draws air through a grille and ejects it with acceleration at the other end of the device. It increases the airflow rate by 10 to 20 times its minimum value. These fans are quieter than standard fans, can be turned in different directions, have a remote control. However, they do not have adjustable height of the base, so you will have to use improvised means for the right location.

fine mesh

So, which fan can be considered a good fan?

  • Stable — On a flat solid base.
  • Adjustable in height and rotation speed.
  • With wide blades — It is less noisy and more productive.
  • With plastic blades — It is quieter than a metal fan.
  • With a sturdy fine mesh grille.

Now you probably know all about how to choose the right fan. Armed with new information, go to the fans section in the catalog of our store and evaluate each model as a true expert. With our user-friendly selection system, it’s easy to find the right fan for you!

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