3 ways to sharpen knives correctly

Good sharpener, if skillfully used, will make any knife sharp and durable. How and what to sharpen knives to keep their blades sharp? Using a sharpening stone, electric knife sharpener or mechanic knife sharpener will bring your tool back to its former sharpness.

A knife sharpener:

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    (the block), with skillful handling, will bring your knife back to its original sharpness. Available with different numbers of abrasive grains per cubic millimeter. You’ll need at least two stones for a quality sharpening — For sharpening and for grinding the blade. Ideally, the blade is sharpened with multiple bars; easier to use than a sharpening stone. Knife blade locks in place and maintains a constant sharpening angle that can be changed as needed. The quality of the sharpening depends on the right angle of the knife, and the speed – on the strength of your hand; great for sharpening and polishing knives for the kitchen, hunting, or sports. It automatically determines the optimal sharpening angle, used for scissors and screwdrivers. The electric sharpener keeps knives in good condition for years, quickly restores even a badly blunt blade; provides a simple knife sharpening technology. System, with controlled sharpening angle, is designed specifically to make the blade as sharp as a razor. Each compartment includes a knife clamp with an interchangeable sharpening angle. Standard kit includes sharpening stones with handles, the color of which indicates the grit size of the stone. Guides for each sharpening stone and special stone oil to improve sharpening results; — corrects the cutting edge of the knife and maintains the sharpness of the blade without sharpening. the blade resembles a file on the outside. Kitchen knives, which are constantly in use, are straightened with the help of moussats. If the knife is blunt, you cannot sharpen it with a moussate — you need to sharpen.

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How to properly sharpen knives

To sharpen knives with a sharpening stone, you need:

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  • Wet the sharpening stone with soapy water (so that the removed metal is not blocked in the pores) and leave it for 20 minutes.;
  • Put the bar on a paper towel spread out on a cutting board;
  • sharpen the knife in smooth motions alternately on each side of its blade;
  • on a double-sided sharpening stone, work the knife on the rough side (coarse-grained) first, until the burr appears on the blade — strips of metal along the entire cutting edge, then move to the thin (fine-grained) side;
  • sharpen “away from you”, Pressing down on the blade with medium force, passing the knife over the bar with the cutting edge facing forward;
  • you run the blade across the bar evenly and gently.
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Angle for sharpening the knife

Angle of sharpening depends on the quality of the blade steel, its hardness, and what you intend to cut with the knife. Angle of resharpening at home determined by yourself — take the scissors and insert the blade with the point between the blades. Slowly move down, looking at the lamp through the gap in front of the blade. How the gap disappears — you remove the knife, put a protractor on the scissors. With some skill, the angle is determined accurately:

  • 10°-17° — angle is recommended for razors and scalpels. A sharp but delicate edge;
  • 20°-25° — Angle of sharpening common. A sturdy and cutting edge is good for kitchen knives;
  • 25°-30° — angle for long-term use of knives without additional sharpening. Suitable for hunting and touring knives;
  • 30°-40° — The angle for knives designed for chopping and heavy work: cutting cardboard, wires, hoses, carpets, etc.п.

Grinding knife

After sharpening, the blade is ground in a circular motion with a very fine grit to remove burrs — then the knife will not blunt quickly.

How to sharpen ceramic knives

  • To sharpen a ceramic knife in a specialized workshop and thus save on the purchase of devices for sharpening ceramic knives;
  • sharpen by yourself. You will need a sharpening machine with a diamond grinding wheel. The machine should run at low RPM, the blade should not be pressed too close to the grinding wheel. The shape of the cutting edge should be slightly convex. Recommended sharpening angle — 20°-25° Because of the nature of the knife material. A smaller sharpening angle will make the blade brittle.

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