5 things to consider when choosing a yogurt maker

Eat yogurt every day because it’s high in calcium, which strengthens bones, teeth and nails. Additionally, «live yogurts», Restore intestinal microflora, buy in a store — is a problem, and it’s not at all difficult to prepare at home.

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How to choose the right yogurt maker?

On the principle of operation all yogurt makers are the same, although they are produced by different manufacturers. While choosing, keep in mind 5 parameters which will help you to decide on the model.

1. The shape of the appliance

  • round — Orion, Moulinex, Vinis, Delfa, Saturn and others;
  • square — Tefal;
  • rectangular — Ariete, Russell, Steba, Redmond and others.

ConclusionThe shape of the appliance does not affect the quality of the cooked delicacy. Choose one you like.

2. Types of Yogurt Machines

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keeps warm

Separate two ways of heating:

  • Based on the thermos principle: containers with contents heated up to 60 ˚C uniformly for 30 minutes. Then the appliance shuts off, but keeps warm for a long time inside — optimal for the reproduction of lactic bacteria. This feature saves electricity consumption by a factor of 2;
  • With a constant heating temperature: The yogurt maker heats up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit ºC and keeps warm for 8-12 hours before cooking is complete. Advantages: hidden heating element (tubular electric heater) allows you to use a low dish to make sourdough or kefir when the molds from the set are busy.

Conclusion: base your choice on your own preferences. In the first case — you save on electricity. In the second — more opportunities for your culinary imagination.

choose right yogurt maker

3. The number of jars:

    — Maxwell, Rotex, Supra; . — Arzum Bebbe Yogurt, Clatronic; . — Tefal YG 652, Steba GM 2, Russell Hobbs.

choosing yogurt

Conclusion: Choose the optimal number of molds based on the number of family members who consume dairy products.

Jars range in size from 100 to 200 ml — Depending on the model. They come with lids that are tightly put on or screwed on. If you plan to make a fermented dairy product based on store-bought yogurts, I suggest buying lids with the ability to set the date. To remember until when to eat them. Yogurts prepared on the basis of bacterial sourdough — live yogurts — only keep for two days.

4. Jar material:

    — fragile. Can easily be substituted for baby food or mustard jars. Sterilizable if necessary; — durable. These jars are easy to clean because they do not break or break. Withstands temperature changes from -20 ºC to +120 ºС. But when heated, the poor quality material releases harmful substances — keep this in mind when deciding on a model.

5. Additional Features

Multifunctional models of yogurt makers can be bought for little money. So choosing between inexpensive devices (Scarlett, Orion) and popular brands (Moulinex, Tefal), you will not see the difference. Because their functionality is the same.

The timer works in two modes:

base your

    — will turn off the device immediately after finishing work and will inform about it by a sound signal; — manual setting of the yoghurt preparation time. Signals the end of work with a light or sound signal.

outputautomatic switch-off is better than mechanical one. Because you do not need to control the process of the device. Yogurt will not overheat and healthy bacteria will not die.

Delayed start — The operation of the yogurt maker can be postponed up to 15 hours at will of the user.

Other useful little things:

keeps warm

  • convenient handle on the lid of the device;
  • storage compartment for the cord;
  • Colorful lids on containers for each member of the family;
  • an extra set of containers;
  • recipe book.

What yogurt maker to choose — with cups or with a single container?

In a single-capacity appliance, it is convenient to prepare sour cream, kefir and ryazhenka for a large family. Milk desserts in cups — It’s convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Each one eats his portion without depriving the other one of it.

Now you know how to choose the right yogurt maker. Spoil your loved ones with homemade dairy desserts, cottage cheese and ryazhenka.

Call us at (044) 206 206 206-9 (a free call from the site) and we will suggest a good solution. Tell us what you base your choice on?

choose right yogurt maker

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