6 parameters for a good laptop bag

Questions of laptop protection and comfort when moving it worry the buyer no less than the choice of portable PC. In this article we will look at what to look for if you decide to buy «case» for your device.

bag size

Each laptop has its own size and thickness of the matrix, so an important consideration when choosing a bag, is the choice of these parameters. The bag must fit the size of your laptop. If it is larger than the size of the device or it will move freely in the bag, then the level of protection of the device will be reduced.

Not necessarily a bag for a laptop with a diagonal of 15 inches will not work for a diagonal of 14 or 16 inches. Here we must take into account that laptops with different diagonals have the same size. Or vice versa, a notebook with a 15’’ can be thinner than a gaming laptop with the same size display.


The materials used to make a laptop bag must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold their shape;
  • additionally protect against side impacts;
  • Be durable and waterproof.

Bags made of plastic, polyester and nylon are now common. The last two options use protective metal or plastic skeletons, they better protect the device from external influences and soaking.

your device

Physical protection

It depends on the material of the bag and cushioning air baffles. Strengthened walls prevent direct contact with the laptop during impact, and the density of the casing protects against water and severe hypothermia in the cold. The density of the liner material is measured in denier units, with 500 to 1,000 denier units being considered optimal.

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In many models, additional air side compartments are possible, more reliably protecting against physical contact. For protection, there are reinforced nets, which stitched the entire body of the bag, as well as a rigid frame. The latter, if necessary, can be ordered armored.


Each bag has its own number and size of compartments with pockets in which it is convenient to carry your laptop devices and accessories (e.g. power supply). In different laptops its size may vary.

You also can’t forget about external accessories, such as a mouse, an external hard drive, etc.п. For all this for the owner will need a certain amount of compartments. The main compartment has straps for better stability of the laptop itself. Each bag, just like a computer, has a different weight, so when buying, pay attention to this.


Every person has an image. Modern manufacturers of laptop bags have taken this into account. As a result, bags fall into several categories:

    — For businessmen who like strict style; — For active or extreme people. The youth variant;
  • folder — Retains your laptop, has a number of compartments for documents; — classical and popular option. Has a number of pockets, serves as a portable office. In stock — an extra shoulder strap.
denier units

Laptop bags come in different colors. You have a possibility to choose the bag of your favorite color.

same size

Bags for a netbook can be chosen according to the same characteristics listed above. They are not bulky and compact. They have little room for extra things.

What a laptop bag should be?

The ideal bag for your laptop should:

diagonal inches

  • Fit the size of your device;
  • Fit your image and individual needs;
  • Be made of material that provides maximum protection for the laptop;
  • You like the shape and color.

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In our store you will find all the options mentioned in the article. If there are questions, what bag for a laptop, our managers will comprehensively advise you.

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