8 important parameters how to choose the monitor

Do not know how to choose a LCD monitor for the computer? Will tell you what to look for in order not to miss a purchase.

If you’re a gamer, designer or movie buff, look no further than a 24-32 diagonal screen”. Please note: larger monitors require more power from the video card. The screen of the largest size is comfortable to work with. More windows can be positioned and opened on it. Thanks to the program 4-Screen Split (not in all models) with one click divide the screen up to four segments. Now you can simultaneously find information on the Internet, edit photos in Photoshop, etc., Not considering the size of the windows in open applications.

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For office workers and those who need to save space, small monitors with a diagonal of 18-19” — optimal variant.

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Choice of maximum resolution

Note: the higher the resolution, the clearer the picture on the screen. The common variant is 1920×1080. It’s convenient to watch movies, play games and work with graphics in Full HD.

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For standard office tasks and Internet browsing — doesn’t need much. Therefore, 1280×1024 resolution with HDMI input is more than suitable.

And if you choose the monitor for 3D-modeling or work with programs of designing and graphic design, pay attention to the higher resolution:

    , With 4K Ultra HD support, which is four times the resolution of Full HD. The high pixel density (more than 8 million) displays even the smallest details. So you’ll effortlessly edit photos by concentrating on the subtleties of.

How to choose a monitor with optimal response time?

If you want to choose a good monitor for your computer, be sure to pay attention to this parameter. The lower the response time, the faster the picture will play. Normal parameter — 3 to 5 ms. But if you like spectacular chase scenes in movies or you often play races, choose a screen with response time less than 3 ms. This makes fast action shots a pleasure to watch.

What’s the best brightness?

To choose the right monitor for your computer, remember: the higher the brightness parameter, the better the screen image even in intensive sunlight. Standard rate — 250 cd/m². If you put the monitor in front of the window you’d better choose a device with a higher contrast ratio.

What is the best contrast?

This parameter characterizes the display of black, tones and halftones in the picture. The higher, the clearer the darkened images on the monitor. Contrast ratio level 600:1 — good, but it is better to choose from 1000:1. Who works with the image, the best option from 5000:1.

How to choose a monitor matrix?

Matrix with standard TN solution is good for the monitor, designed to work at home and in the office. Short response time and contrast on the screen is appreciated by gamers and movie lovers. Even a number of disadvantages, such as:

color rendering

  • small viewing angles,
  • medium contrast ratio,
  • not perfect color rendering,
  • appearance «bits» pixels, — Doesn’t cloud many people’s choices.

If you’re a demanding user or work with graphics and color correction, look no further than IPS and MVA. These matrices have a better color rendering than TN. Picture is bright, saturated and does not glare in sunlight. Monitors with wide viewing angles. Transmit a perfect black color. The disadvantages include increased response time. These models have a slightly higher cost than the screen with the standard solution.

Additional monitor features

When choosing a good monitor for work, pay attention to the additional features of the device:

    and the angle of the stand (up to 5° forward and 21° back), you determine for yourself the position of the screen;

  • by rotating the screen 90°, you can easily turn the monitor in portrait mode to view sites with infinite scrolling or for the layout of your newspaper; creates the effect of reality in the plot of a movie or game; with surround sound technology. They reproduce clear and rich sound with deep bass, which any gamer will love;
  • HDMI, DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort and USB ports allow you to connect to the monitor simultaneously to 2-3 devices. You will view the content on the screen with good picture quality.
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Which monitor to choose?

To simplify the choice of device, pay attention to the appointment of monitors for use:

    — Are designed to work with office applications. Have an austere design. Resolution, response time and contrast don’t matter. And the brightness is important if the room in the office is well-lit or with large windows. Take a minimum of 300 kpm²; and graphics — Which uses special integrated circuitry and algorithms. Here every line displayed on the screen is clearly drawn. So you won’t miss a single detail in the image when processing color. Take into account when choosing a monitor that size is important here: at least 20” And the type of matrix IPS and MVA, recreating an excellent color reproduction, high brightness and contrast; important is the size of the monitor and a powerful audio system. Choose a screen of 27 or higher” with the shortest response time (ideally 1 ms). Better if it’s a 21:9 IPS curved screen that’s compatible with Macs and has two ports. These features are great for TV monitors that show movies — pleasure; you need a big screen from 24” with IPS and MVA matrix type. FYI: Mac-compatible monitors are great for large amounts of graphic data. They have the fastest data transfer speeds (up to 20Mbit/sec), four times faster than USB. These devices are connected simultaneously to multiple computers. They have a wide range of connection interfaces: 2 HDMI ports, Display Port, as well as a USB-hub for 2 USB 3 ports.0;

  • For your home, choose a monitor that suits your needs. For comfortable watching movies, playing games, or surfing the Internet. The perfect solution — 23”, Full HD resolution, 5 ms response time.

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Now you know which monitor is better to buy. Share your experiences in the comments, what guided you in choosing your screen.

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