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The first Royal vacuum cleaners were made by the P.A. Geier Company in 1905. This makes us one of the world´s oldest vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies. Mr. Geier started producing his metal cleaners by hand in a backyard garage in Cleveland, Ohio. Soon the company grew and moved to a four-story building on 105th Street where it operated two divisions, a cleaner division and a machining division. Besides vacuum cleaners, the company produced mixers, hairdryers and washing machine units.

Vacuum cleaners, though, remained the key product, as the company introduced the industry´s first hand-held vac, the “Royal Prince,” in 1937. Royal joined most manufacturing companies across the country and switched over to military production during World War II.

Vacuum cleaner shipments remained strong up to 1953 when the P.A. Geier Company was bought by an investment group, the Walter E. Schott Organization. The Schotts renamed the company Royal Appliance Manufacturing. However, the new owners were not wholly committed to the company and decided to dissolve it soon after its acquisition. Royal was then purchased by a group of employees, headed by Stan Erbor, in 1954. The company thrived under Erbor´s leadership, moving to Highland Heights, Ohio in 1969 where it expanded and refined all phases of operations. Erbor was active in the company until his death in 1981 at age 80.

In 1981, a small group of investors saw an opportunity to purchase the company and to bring a fresh sales and marketing strategy. With this new leadership, our sales grew from just under $5 million in 1981 to approximately $408 million in 2000.

Royal´s mission is to be a premier consumer products company. We strive to recognize the needs of our customers and supply them with quality products that solve their cleaning problems. These philosophies have enabled Royal to build brand loyalty derived from strong consumer satisfaction.

About TTI Floor Care North America

In 2007, Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI) acquired the Hoover floor care business from Whirlpool Corporation. Adding the iconic Hoover brand to TTI’s portfolio created TTI Floor Care North America, at inception, the largest floor care company in North America. TTI Floor Care North America is dedicated to becoming an industry leader in every floor care category. TTI’s principle areas of business are power tools, outdoor power equipment, floor care appliances, solar-powered lighting and electronic measuring products. This industry giant is headquartered in Hong Kong, but maintains a customer servicing network in North America, Europe and Australia, and currently employs more than 23,000 people worldwide.

Learn more at www.ttifloorcare.com.

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