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best air mattressIf you often have guests over and you don’t have any other place to put your cot, or if you often go on trips to the countryside — An air mattress is a must for you.

Air mattresses are not only used for swimming. Made of a special durable material, they have long been used as furniture, which is suitable for the home, cottage, travel and nature trips. In just a few minutes, the compactly folded material becomes a full bed.

Despite the apparent short-lived, inflatable mattress has many advantages over their ordinary counterparts:

  • hygiene – it does not form dust particles, dust mites do not get wind, it does not get wet, and in the case of pollution it is easy to wash;
  • orthopedic shape due to the elasticity of the air mattress;
  • no deformation – over time springs will not come out of it, no dents will form;
  • compactness – when the mattress is not needed, but in a few minutes deflates;
  • budget – A good air mattress costs less than an orthopedic one with a spring block;
  • thermal insulation the air layer allows to put a mattress directly on the ground.

Despite all the advantages, inflatable furniture, alas, has a short lifespan – only 3-6 years. In addition, they can not withstand high loads, are afraid of sharp objects and claws of pets, squeak and can smell rubber.

On sale are both ordinary mattresses, and inflatable beds with improved ergonomics, and sofas. Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the best popular air mattresses — in our rating.

Rating of the best air mattresses

Intex Kids Travel Bed Set

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$39.98 $44.19

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe Single-High Airbed, Twin

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EZ INFLATE Double High Luxury Twin Air Mattress with Built in Pump, Inflatable Mattress, Twin airbed with Flocked top, All...

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Intex Classic Downy Airbed, Twin

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Intex Dura-Beam Plus Series Essential Rest Airbed with Internal Electric Pump, Bed Height 18", Queen (2021 Model)

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Intex Dura-Beam Ultra Plush Inflatable Pillow Top Bed Air Mattress with Headboard, Built-in Internal Electric Pump and Carry Storage Bag,...

2 used from $83.93
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$122.42 $219.99

Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock-Portable,Water Proof& Anti-Air Leaking Design-Ideal Couch for Backyard Lakeside Beach Traveling Camping Picnics & Music...

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Mockins 2 Pack Black Inflatable Loungers Hangout Sofa Bed with Travel Bag Pouch The Portable Inflatable Couch Air Lounger is...

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Category Place Name Rating Price
Best air mattresses 1 Intex Kidz Travel Bed Set 9.7 / 10 2 460
2 Inflatable mattress Intex Deluxe Single-High (64103) 9.7 / 10 1 846
3 Inflatable mattress Bestway Flocked Air Bed (67000 BW) 9.6 / 10 841
4 Inflatable mattress Intex Classic Downy Bed 9.2 / 10 800
Best air mattress-beds 1 Intex Essential Rest Airbed 9.7 / 10 4 440
2 Inflatable mattress Intex Pillow Rest Classic Bed 9.5 / 10 2 012
3 Intex Ultra Plush Bed (64456) 9.2 / 10 4 000
Best inflatable sofa 1 Inflatable sofa Bivan Bivan 2.0 9.6 / 10 2 691
2 Inflatable sofa – hammock Lamzac Hangout 9.3 / 10 1 850

Best air mattresses

Intex Kidz Travel Bed Set

air mattressesChildren’s inflatable 1.5 bed mattress with high sides for up to 65 kg. Bollards prevent baby from rolling onto the floor in their sleep and make it feel cozy «nests» inside. The material is waterproof, so it cannot be afraid of neither dust, nor earth on the cottage, nor pens, it is all easy to wash. Can also with soap. The surface is soft and rough, so the bed won’t slide sideways or down during the night. The structure is rigid and quite stable, it does not sink in. The mattress is suitable for children from 3 years old and up to adolescence (length – 168 cm). Can be used for camping, in the country, and of course in the city apartment. Not only as a bed, but also as a dry pool for playing.

  • Inflatable quickly,
  • There are protective skirts,
  • Includes hand pump and carrying bag.
  • Pretty heavy (4 kg).

Inflatable mattress Intex Deluxe Single-High (64103)

Double air mattress can hold up to 273kg. Made of durable vinyl. Part of the Dura-Beam series – The properties of this mattresses are close to orthopedic mattresses (but do not replace them)!). The inner webs are made of many woven polyester fibers, the air flows between them smoothly, they do not deform, do not stretch. A mattress with these dividers is lighter in weight than its counterparts. If some of the fibers get torn during use, the structure will still retain its shape and rigidity. Practical cover – Flock – Prevents the bedding from slipping and can be easily cleaned with common cleaning agents. A good double air mattress for use in the apartment or at the cottage as an extra sleeping place, for the beach.

  • Quick inflatable with an ordinary pump,
  • Includes repair kit and bag.
  • no pump included.

Bestway Flocked Air Bed (67000 BW) inflatable mattress

walmart air mattressInexpensive single orthopedic air mattress is excellent for temporary use at home and for tourism. Coil Beam Construction: honeycomb structure with cylindrical ribbing makes the mattress resistant to warping. The lower layer has horizontally arranged partitions and the upper layer is made up of vertical ones «tapes», It adds strength and durability to the structure. The seams are connected by double seaming. The mattress is covered by artificial velour which makes the surface not to slip and it is easy to clean it (the common non-aggressive detergents can be used). In the folded state the product takes small space, weighs only 2.5 kg (in the package 1.85 kg), which is very convenient for storage and transportation. The pump must be purchased separately, but you can use any (manual, foot, electric pump) – The valve is universal.

  • quite rigid,
  • does not slip (coating – flock),
  • quickly inflates and deflates,
  • easy to clean,
  • Repair kit included.
  • thin,
  • no pump included,
  • not enough handles on the sides.

The Intex Classic Downy Bed air mattress

The company is famous for Intex production of various inflatables, including mattresses, made of durable PVC. A classic air mattress with longitudinal baffles has orthopedic properties, can be easily inflated and deflated by means of a special 2-in-1 valve. The velour coating prevents the laundry from slipping. A simple, yet durable and comfortable air mattress. Weight together with the package is 3 kg, withstands the load up to 136 kg.

  • low cost;
  • Relative durability;
  • slight smell of rubber;
  • Requires periodic pumping.

The best air mattress-beds

Intex Essential Rest Airbed inflatable bed

The longest, widest and highest inflatable double mattress-bed (sizes 203x152x51 cm) holds up to 273 kg. Sleepers can be absolutely different weight – The surface of the bed will remain flat thanks to Intex Fiber-Tech technology. The upper and lower sides inside the mattress are connected by a strong polyester frame, which does not deform under pressure and keeps the height of the bed constant, even if one person is much heavier than the other. You inflate it for 2-3 minutes with the help of the built in electric pump. And if there is no outlet nearby, you can use an ordinary mechanical pump. Unfortunately, users note that the top flocked surface instantly collects all dust and debris. On the other hand it can also be easily cleaned by just vacuuming or wiping with a damp cloth.

  • large size,
  • Non-slip (coating – flock),
  • Built-in 90W pump,
  • Inflation valve for manual inflation,
  • repair kit and bag included.
  • very dirty surface,
  • squeaks,
  • it is not convenient for small rooms, it takes much space.

Inflatable mattress Intex Pillow Rest Classic Bed

Pillow Rest Classic – Robust and versatile air mattress. The top and sides are covered with velour material – Plush flocking prevents slipping, which makes the surface pleasant to the touch and allows you to safely lay bedding on top. That said, the mattress remains waterproof and can be easily washed and cleaned when needed. The head end is slightly raised for extra comfort. The 3-in-1 valve allows for quick inflation and deflation with a pump and prevents the furniture from deflating during use. Maximum load for double mattress – 273 kg, the kit includes convenient bag to store and carry the deflated mattress.

  • flocked cover;
  • relatively durable.
  • unpleasant odor;
  • difficult to inflate;

Inflatable bed Intex Ultra Plush Bed (64456)

Comfortable 1.5 bedroom inflatable bed is made of quality vinyl with flocked coating. The special design of the double support system provide comfort during the use of the bed. It has a built-in electric pump which allows you to inflate the mattress in a short time, and a special valve helps you quickly deflate it. It is enough to plug the cord into the outlet, and the bed is ready! No additional parts, everything is built into the mattress. The weight of the product is 7 kg. The bed can support up to 136 kg.

  • electric pump.
  • Vulnerable to cuts and punctures.
  • squeaks.

Best inflatable sofa

Inflatable sofa Bivan Bivan 2.0

Inflatable hammock sofa is made of special fabric with impregnation, so it is not afraid of neither water nor rocks, the surface is absolutely stable, does not get wet and does not pierce. Supports up to 300 kg, so two adults with a child or even three adults can sit freely if desired. But the most important thing – It also does not need a pump! Prepare a place to lie in 15 seconds, but you need to get used to. Sleeping on the bivan is not very good, too soft, but for sitting, short rest, for playing (not on the ground or the cold floor) is great.

  • many colors,
  • Compact and lightweight (only 1.5 kg),
  • holds a lot of weight,
  • inflates and deflates very quickly,
  • You do not need a pump,
  • washable,
  • there is a place to fix the lights and pegs,
  • carrying bag included.
  • have to learn how to inflate,
  • Difficult to inflate in a small room,
  • light-colored couches are very dirty,
  • there are instances that quickly deflate.

Inflatable sofa – hammock Lamzac Hangout

Inflatable Sofa – it is a unique product, which is more durable and compact than inflatable mattresses. First, the couch is made of canvas fabric, very durable, so the lamzak can be put on the beach or in the meadow without fear of damaging it. Secondly, its design is such that no effort, time or use of pumps is required to inflate it. The sofa is a tube, folded in half, made of two layers: air-tight polyethylene inside and strong canvas silk outside. At one end of the valve opens, with a special movement of air «Scooped» 2-3 times until it is completely filled, then closes with clasps and that’s it, the resting place is ready! The rigid neck promotes better air intake. The comfortable shape of the sofa allows you to relax on it as comfortably as possible. Has a removable outer cover. The lamzac weighs only 1.1 kg, so it comes with a fixing loop and a peg screwed into the ground so that the couch does not get carried away by the wind. It can hold up to 200 kg of weight.

  • a holding loop and a peg screwed into the ground;
  • very light, 1,1 kg;
  • The material is sturdy and difficult to damage;
  • easy to inflate without a pump.
  • deflates after about 2 hours, depending on the load;
  • it takes some skill to inflate it.

Inflatable furniture is good in that it can be carried everywhere: it weighs little, takes a minimum of space, but if desired turns into a full-fledged place of rest. And yet, it is not well suited for permanent use.

air mattress near meFor those who often have guests overnight, or in the temporary absence of a normal bed, an air mattress is the ideal solution. It is better to get a mattress with an electric pump for easy use. The most comfortable bed would be a high inflatable bed with a headrest. It is better to put a blanket on it to wick away moisture and keep warm – a non-breathable cover may seem uncomfortable and cold.

For trips to nature and beach holidays more suitable inflatable sofa, aka chaise longue or llamzak, which is very simple and quickly inflated without using any additional means or efforts. Heavy-duty fabric allows it to be used on surfaces where an air mattress would have a hard time. The disadvantage of such a product is its gradual descent. Aerodyvans hold their shape for an average of 2-3, max 6 hours, so you can’t sleep on it overnight.

* note that the reliability of the information and the results of the rating is subjective and is not an advertisement

  1. What makes this high-quality air mattress so great is its durability and puncture resistance. This twin size air bed can accommodate up to 300 pounds, which means even the heaviest sleeper will be able to get a comfortable night of sleep without worrying about popping or breaking it. The perfect option for camping trips, guests who visit your home, college students – you name it!

  2. I am an old school, die-hard campground kind of guy. So I often find a hotel bed just a little too soft and not long enough for my height. What makes this airbed so great is that the air mattress provides the perfect firmness and support for someone of my size, plus it’s lightweight which has made things much easier when going from site to site!

  3. I love that this product is lightweight and easy to inflate. It’s great for camping, or having guest over without having to worry about getting a bed frame up high enough. I also like the fact that it has an extra wide opening which makes the inflating process fast.

  4. Here’s what I like about the Intex Kids Travel Bed Set: it is over 66 inches long and 42 inches wide, so your child will have plenty of space to sleep on. It has a high-output hand pump included with it to make inflating easier for you. You can take this bed anywhere with you because it fluffs up quickly and deflates just as fast. The colors may vary, so no one will know that your child isn’t at home! This bed is nice because its measurements are perfect for kids aged 3-6 years old; there should be no

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