The 14 Best Amino Acids

The 14 Best Amino Acids

Review of the best all-purpose amino acid complexes – by trainers and athletes

  1. The best powdered amino acids
  2. The best amino acid complexes in pill form
  3. Best liquid amino acids

There are many types of sports nutrition, but some of the main favorites in terms of popularity, along with proteins, are amino acids. Their range is also quite extensive. And choosing a truly effective supplement is not always easy. Here, by analogy with the difficult choice of a warrior at a crossroads, there are three ways (only safer):

  1. Use trainer’s recommendation Or a consultant in a store. Not a bad option, but not everyone has a personal trainer, and consultants often advise what’s more profitable for them to sell (or expire);
  2. Use your intuition and try guess. An undeniable advantage of this method – the opportunity to get personal experience. Only the process can be drawn out and fraught with unnecessary financial losses;
  3. Last option – To use proven data when choosing the best amino acids based on reviews by experienced users and experts.

The third way seems to be the best way, and one of the ways to do it – Check out our ranking today of the best amino acid complexes for men and women.

What are amino acids for??

Sprinkling scientific terms hardly makes sense, so in simple terms: our muscles (if you don’t count water) are mostly made of protein. Now, amino acids – are the nutrients that make up that protein. They are what the body uses for its own strengthening, renewal and production of some enzymes and hormones.

amino acid

Exercise wastes free amino acids, and the necessary amounts are not always replenished from food. This is where amino acid supplements come in handy.

Types of Sports Amino Acids and Forms

Two types are most common: isolated amino acids and complexes, which differ in composition, ratio, and form.

Most popular with individuals – BCAAs, the essential amino acids for muscle growth, recovery, and preservation. The complexes have an extended composition (including BCAA) and are most often based on a hydrolyzed form of protein, which has an even higher digestion rate than free form amino acids.

Amino acids come in three forms: powder, tablets (capsules), and liquid. The main properties and the speed of absorption by the body do not depend much on the form of release, and you can choose a variant that is simply more convenient to take.

Category Location Name Rating Price

Top Powder Amino Acids 1 Ami-NO Xpress (Scitec Nutrition) 9.9 / 10 1 700
2 Essential Amino Energy (Optimum Nutrition) 9.8 / 10 1 290
3 Essential Amino Acids (MyProtein) 9.8 / 10 1 600
4 Amino X (BSN) 9.7 / 10 2 390
Best amino acid complexes in tablet form 1 Amino Gold (Ultimate Nutrition) 9.9 / 10 2 590
2 Anabolic Amino 9000 (Olimp) 9.8 / 10 2 590
3 Carnivor Beef Aminos (MuscleMeds)11 9.8 / 10 1 750
4 Mutant Amino (Mutant) 9.8 / 10 1 300
5 Mega Amino 3200 (BioTech USA) 9.7 / 10 1 150
6 100% Beef Aminos (Universal Nutrition) 9.7 / 10 1 800
7 Amino 2700 (Universal Nutrition) 9.6 / 10 2 700
8 Amino 5600 (Scitec Nutrition) 9.6 / 10 800
The best liquid amino acids 1 Amino Power Liquid (Weider) 9.7 / 10 1 890
2 Magic Amino Fuel (Maxler) 9.5 / 10 990

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Best Amino Acid Powders

Ami-NO Xpress (Scitec Nutrition)

Ami-NO Xpress – is an amino acid complex consisting of 4 amino acid matrices with different actions.

Ami-NO Xpress consists of amino acids such as L-citrulline, beta-alanine, free form and AAKG arginine and the vitamin-like substance betaine. This complex serves as a source of nitric oxide, as well as increases muscle endurance and improves the absorption of other amino acids, including BCAA.

Micronized BCAA matrix contains 5 g of these amino acids in a classic 2-1-1 ratio and aids in the synthesis of new muscle fibers.

The amino acid matrix of glutamine, taurine, and tyrosine should help you recover quickly and conquer fatigue of the nervous system after serious physical exertion.

The regenerating matrix contains vitamins and minerals (electrolytes). During and after exercise, the need for vitamins (B6, B9 and B12, C) increases, so their presence in the complex will help in the recovery and subsequent growth of muscle mass, and electrolytes (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium) – Maintains water-salt balance and muscle contractility.

  • complex composition;
  • A good portion of BCAAs;
  • vitamins and minerals.
  • The portion is very large, so the jar is not long enough.

Essential Amino Energy (Optimum Nutrition)

Essential Amino Energy by ON – The most universal product of its kind, it is a complex of free form amino acids and natural energy additives.

amino acid

  • «Green energy matrix», Green tea and green coffee extracts energize your workout and improve your stamina;
  • L-Arginine and citrulline act as stimulators of nitric oxide production, which provides oxygen to the muscles;
  • Micronized free form amino acid complex with BCAA acts as a building block for muscles and supports muscle repair and growth.

The most common product form is – Instant powder in various fruit and berry flavors (less often chai latte and mocha cappuccino) in 270 or 585 grams. Just 10 calories a serving, so the powdered beverage can be used as a substitute for less healthy traditional drinks and energy drinks, among others.

  • Optimal composition;
  • Free form amino acids;
  • Efficiency.
  • Caffeine is not good for everyone.

Essential Amino Acids (MyProtein)

MyProtein – A British brand that produces high quality sports nutrition. Essential Amino Acids is no exception.

acid complexes

The name of the product clearly suggests that it is a mixture of all essential amino acids, which can only be obtained with food (or supplements), since these amino acids are not synthesized in the human body.

Each serving contains 9g of amino acids, including almost 5g of BCAA (including 3g of leucine). Take 1 serving before or after your workout by mixing it with water.

amino acid complexes

  • A complete set of essential amino acids;
  • More BCAA than other amino acid complexes.
  • The unflavored version has a bitter taste and does not mix well in water, which is an indication of the quality of the product.

Amino X (BSN)

Amino X – A highly effective complex of free L-form amino acids in the form of a fast-dissolving powder. The supplement has no sugar or caffeine, which does not limit its use by time of day. The powder dissolves completely and the resulting drink has a pleasant taste. Most importantly – is the optimal formula for muscle recovery after heavy workouts and further growth. BCAA’s are the base of the complex.

Supplemented with three more amino acids: citrulline, taurine, and alanine. Optimization of muscle fiber nutrition and proper muscle formation. The effect of Amino X is further enhanced by the presence of vitamin D.

  • Free form of amino acids;
  • Excellent solubility;
  • Balanced composition.
  • Colorful.

The best amino acid complexes in pill form

Amino Gold (Ultimate Nutrition)

Ultimate Nutrion amino acids traditionally occupy leading positions in the ratings of the best amino acids for optimal quality-price ratio. The brand products are popular all over the world, and, what is more important, their application has a real effect.

Amino Gold – A balanced whey protein hydrolysate complex. Each serving offers an optimal amount of different amino acids (essential and non-essential), including those with branched side chains – BCAAs (valine, leucine, isoleucine).

Supplementation provides:

  • Fast recovery time;
  • Increased endurance;
  • Muscle growth and protection against degradation during «Sugars»;
  • Protecting the liver from toxins and metabolic products.

Amino Gold is available in 325 or 250 capsules and the price is adjusted accordingly.

amino acids

  • Fast digestion;
  • Optimal Composition;
  • No fat and no carbohydrates.
  • Large tablets.

Anabolic Amino 9000 (Olimp)

The highest quality product from Olimp. Anabolic Amino 9000 – This is an excellent amino acid complex, based on high quality enzymatic hydrolysates of animal proteins, specifically – Whey and chicken (egg). This combination is most effective and is able to provide the body with a significant amount of essential amino acids.

Hydrolyzed form and use of chicken protein increases the bioavailability of branched-chain acids (BCAAs) and concentration of individual amino acids: glycine 6-fold, L-arginine 2-fold, L-proline and L-alanine 1.8 и 1.4 times respectively. As a result, their beneficial properties are enhanced, and taking the complex, in addition to improving results and growth of muscle tissue, gives many positive effects:

  • Improves CNS function and protects against stress during heavy workouts;
  • Stimulation of mental activity;
  • Optimization of the cardiovascular system;
  • Immunity Enhancer.
  • Excellent nutrient quality;
  • Optimal composition;
  • High efficacy.
  • Size of the tablets.

acid complexes

Carnivor Beef Aminos (MuscleMeds)11

Carnivor Beef Aminos – is a complex of amino acids derived from beef protein isolate, beef albumin concentrate and immunoglobulin isolate, further enhanced with beef liver powder.

amino acids

The main advantage of this complex is that it is enriched with creatine, BCAA, ketoglutarates of amino acids such as arginine, ornithine, and glutamine, as well as alpha-keto isocaproate (KIC).

BCAA and glutamine work together to promote fast recovery; creatine increases your strength production; arginine and ornithine help produce growth hormone (somatotropin); and KIC slows down protein breakdown.

1 serving (3 tablets) contains 3 g of amino acids. To feel the effect of the amino acid complex, it is recommended to consume about 3 servings per day (mainly during the pre-workout period).

  • Great variety of amino acid sources;
  • additionally enriched with cretin, BCAA amino acids, growth factors.
  • Contains no fat, no cholesterol, and no unnecessary calories.
  • Must be taken in a minimum of 3 servings per training day in order to experience the effects of the complex;
  • price.

Mutant Amino (Mutant)

Continues the rating of the best amino acids Mutant Amino — Mutant Amino is a complex that contains all forms of amino acids available on the sports nutrition market: free form amino acids, isolated – L-arginine, L-glycine, L-ornithine; di-, tri-, and oligopeptides of amino acids from hydrolyzed whey isolate, BCAA complex (L-isoleucine, L-leucine, L-valine).

Each serving (2 capsules) of Mutant Amino contains 2g of amino acids. The intake of at least 1 serving before and after training is recommended to fill the amino acid pool, which provides the energy needed for exercise. This way, your muscles will not break down to make up for the lack of amino acids. Although the minimum required dosage depends on several factors – Training purpose (muscle gain, lean body mass or just to lose weight), diet and weight of the athlete.

  • excellent composition and fast digestion;
  • there is a BCAA complex;
  • small, handy capsules.
  • The recommended single serving is not enough; it is desirable to consume at least 10 g of amino acids.

Mega Amino 3200 (BioTech USA)

Affordable and very effective amino acid complex based on calcium caseinate and lactalbumin. The supplement contains a maximum of 18 essential, non-essential and semi-essential amino acids and has a good concentration of BCAA.

amino acid complexes

Mega Amino 3200 composition is optimal for active people. An excellent addition to a balanced diet not only for recreational athletes, but also for all other types of sports.

The complex promotes the anabolic process, provides energy, improves strength and endurance, prevents muscle degradation (catabolism) and facilitates recovery.

  • Affordable price;
  • Easy digestion;
  • A universal set of amino acids.
  • Contains fats and carbohydrates.

100% Beef Aminos (Universal Nutrition)

For those who, for whatever reason, cannot eat dairy products, amino acid complexes are created as a source of meat and meat products. The most popular option is beef protein.

Universal Beef Aminos – Is a blend of beef albumin concentrate with beef isolate and Argentine beef liver powder. Each serving (3 pills) contains 3 grams of amino acids. Their additional intake will help to achieve a positive nitrogen balance, which in turn is a condition for the effective building of muscle mass. The main advantage of amino acid complexes from meat products is the complete absence of animal fats in the composition, which will not lead to an increase in «bad» cholesterol. This complex can also be recommended to those who do not have enough meat in their diet and need an additional source of amino acids.

  • Pure amino acids from animal protein without the fat and extra calories;
  • A complete source of essential amino acids for people who don’t have enough meat in their diet.
  • A small amount of BCAA, which is common to all amino acid complexes.

Amino 2700 (Universal Nutrition)

Universal Nutrition — One of the best known and most popular brands of sports nutrition. The products of this manufacturer are in constant demand, because they guarantee good results.

One of the best products of Universal is Amino 2700. This amino acid complex consists of concentrate and hydrolysate (protein broken down to amino acids) of high quality whey protein. One serving (3 tablets) contains 6 g of protein, including 1.3 g of BCAA.

Two to five servings daily are recommended, depending on the lifter’s body weight, diet, and goals – Take one serving before a meal, on an empty stomach, or immediately after training.

  • The high quality of the supplement, which guarantees good digestion;
  • Recover quickly from strenuous exercise;
  • Provides all essential amino acids.
  • Not pure hydrolysate, it contains unrepaired protein – whey concentrate;
  • very large tablets.

Amino 5600 (Scitec Nutrition)

Scitec Nutrition – Hungarian brand of sports nutrition in the medium price range. This is why Amino 5600 is often chosen by athletes wishing to gain muscle mass without spending a lot of money.

Basis of the complex – Whey protein hydrolysate, which makes this product rapidly digestible. Amino 5600 also contains hydrolyzed sodium caseinate, which is also a milk protein, and the amino acid L-glutamine in free form, which will promote faster recovery.

Each serving (4 tablets) contains about 3.5 g of amino acids. The number of servings you need depends on the amount of protein in your diet and your body weight.

  • the basis of the complex – Hydrolyzed whey protein;
  • price.
  • Not the highest concentration of amino acids per serving.

The best liquid amino acids

Amino Power Liquid (Weider)

In our opinion, the best liquid amino acid complex based on a hydrolyzed form of whey protein and collagen. A pre-treatment with enzymes ensures rapid absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream to replenish, rebuild and start growth of muscle fibers.

The use of collagen allows effective maintenance of connective tissues in the body, as it is the structural element of cartilage, ligaments, as well as the skin. Additionally fortified with ornithine and taurine. Their mission: to stimulate the production of growth hormone, increase blood supply to the muscles and improve endurance by inhibiting the activity of free radicals.

  • Rapid absorption;
  • Convenient Form;
  • Trusted manufacturer.
  • High price.

amino acid

Magic Amino Fuel (Maxler)

One of the most affordable liquid complexes based on collagen hydrolysate and vitamin B6. The supplement has a high protein concentration (41%) and good digestion rate.

Magic Amino Fuel can stimulate anabolic processes, increase metabolic rate and improve immunity. Collagen protein also contains amino acids that promote effective repair of joints, bone, and connective tissue.

The supplement is available in different flavors that everyone can choose from individually.

  • Excellent price;
  • Not a bad composition;
  • Large bottle.
  • Contains preservatives and sweeteners;
  • Contains fats and carbohydrates.

In conclusion, we should add that the rating does not include some tableted amino acid complexes that, despite their popularity, contain protein concentrate or soy protein. In fact, they don’t differ much from classic protein supplements in terms of amino acid absorption rate, but they are much more expensive. Feel free to read the information on the packaging and choose supplements where amino acids are in free, di- and tripeptide form or as protein hydrolysate.

Total votes – 10, rating – 4.4

* note that the validity of the information and the results of the ratings are subjective and do not constitute advertising

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