10 best carpet cleaners

Save the carpet, or what’s the best carpet cleaner??

  1. Best products for general carpet cleaning
  2. The best products to remove tough stains from carpets
  3. The best soaps for removing any stains from carpets
  4. Best carpet cleaning foams
10 best carpet cleaners

Carpet is worn, faded, stained? No hurry to say goodbye to it. Today’s rug chemistries can help bring carpet back to life, rid it of dirt and odors and freshen up the color… But which product is guaranteed to do the job?? Here are the best carpet cleaners to clean your carpets. For our rating, we have selected only products that have a proven record of good carpet cleaning, are popular with homeowners, and are sold in most home improvement stores.

What you need to know about carpet cleaners?

Carpet cleaners are designed to deal with a wide range of dirt, including organics, grease, various dyes, etc.д. Like other detergents, this type of product is based on the action of surfactants – this is the main ingredient with an allowable concentration of 5-30%. Sometimes a small amount contains organic solvents and alkali, which can have a damaging effect on the lint. Therefore, it is important to read the manufacturer’s description and always do a test cleaning on a small area.

10 best carpet cleaners

Before choosing a carpet cleaner, determine what type of cleaner you need:

  • Concentrated liquid For direct application to soiling. This option is most often available with a spray gun and is spot applied to certain spots. Suitable for cleaning small areas.
  • Пsprinkle. The method of use is different: some powders need to be dissolved in water, while others need to be scattered in a thin layer on the damped carpet or upholstery. As a rule, the powder implies active work with a brush. But there is a plus point – cost-effectiveness.
  • Shampoo – A thick detergent that requires whipping in water. Cleaning is performed with the resulting foam. This option is good for refreshing a large surface without getting the carpet too wet. For spot action, you can use the shampoo undiluted (as recommended by the manufacturer).
  • Active foam. It is convenient that the product in the can is ready to use right away. Foam is convenient for washing spot soiling and fresh dirt, because it requires almost no active friction and avoids wet spots, but on a large area it is inconvenient to use, and expensive.


Note that some carpet cleaners are only designed for wet vacuums! They should not be used for manual cleaning.

Rating of the best carpet cleaners — Top 10

Category Place Name Rating Price
Best general carpet cleaning products 1 GRASS Carpet Foam Cleaner 9.9 / 10 670
2 Vox drop for carpets and upholstered furniture 9.8 / 10 300
3 Tuba carpet spray 9.8 / 10 300
4 Vanish Gold shampoo for hand carpet cleaning 9.7 / 10 400
5 Cinderella carpet cleaner with antistatic 9.4 / 10 120
Best carpet stain removers for difficult stains 1 Bagi Shtihonit 9.9 / 10 470
2 Help for Carpet Cleaning 9.6 / 10 255
3 Selena Carpet 9.1 / 10 190
The best soap for removing any stains from carpets 1 Antipyatin 9.0 / 10 40
The best carpet cleaning foam 1 PROSEPT Sagret Shampoo Active Foam for cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture and textiles 8.9 / 10 260

The best general carpet cleaning products

GRASS Carpet Foam Cleaner

We put GRASS Carpet Foam Cleaner on the first place in the ranking of the best carpet cleaners. Concentrated liquid for cleaning synthetic carpets and upholstery by hand and in vacuum cleaners. Effectively cleans large surfaces as well as spotty dirt. Undiluted product is approved as a stain remover, and when water is added, it whips into a dense foam, which is easy to clean and refresh large spaces. According to reviews, Carpet Foam Cleaner cleans about 80% of dirt, failing to cope with only the most difficult and stubborn stains on the first try.

  • versatile for a variety of materials;
  • A slight, pleasant odor, quickly evaporates;
  • high foaming;
  • does not spoil fabrics, retains brightness;
  • child-proof lid.
  • hard to wash out, t.к. creates a lot of foam;
  • no sprayer, but you can buy one separately.

Vox Droplet for carpets and upholstered furniture

This domestic carpet cleaner is liquid, but when dissolved in water gives a lush foam, which should be applied to the surface, leave until dry and remove the residue with a vacuum cleaner. According to reviews, the Drop dissolves any dirt and does not require rinsing with water, saving the effort and time of the hostess. Works well even without tedious mashing, leaves a subtle pleasant fragrance.

  • economical;
  • effective;
  • smells pleasantly;
  • does not leave streaks.

Tuba carpet spray

Universal foam spray is suitable for carpets and sofas, natural (except sisal and coconut) and synthetic fibers. Contains only surfactants (<5%) and fragrance, so it will not remove difficult stains like felt-tip pens, but it will wash away general dirt, freshen the color of the carpet, and get rid of odors. Foams well and, unlike competitors, easily washes out of fabrics. Odor is lemon, weak and wears off quickly. Comes both as a stain remover spray and as a thick shampoo that can be hand and machine cleaned. Because of its absence of aggressive components and strong scent, it is often chosen by mothers to wash carpets in the children’s room.

  • high cleaning power;
  • Safe for all types of fabric;
  • Mild fragrance;
  • solvent and alkali free.
  • does not remove all stains.

Vanish Gold shampoo for hand carpet cleaning

Continues our review of the best carpet cleaners Vanish – A popular and very effective product that helps to quickly clean carpets. It’s a classic carpet shampoo, you dissolve it in water, lather it up and scrub the carpet with a sponge/brush. Vanish will not remove old stains at the first attempt, but it works great against fresh dirt and dust, removes odors and freshens the color of the carpet. In comparison with the leaders of the ranking Vanish has a number of disadvantages, which did not allow him to take first place.

  • copes well with simple dirt;
  • removes unpleasant odors from the carpet;
  • After cleaning, dirt and residues can be easily removed with an ordinary vacuum cleaner.
  • considerably more expensive than its competitors;
  • Can leave streaks;
  • a pungent, persistent odor;
  • Does not remove ingrained stains – you must additionally use a stain remover.

Cinderella carpet cleaner with antistatic

Domestic budget cleaner for carpets and upholstered furniture copes with most stains, excluding hard-to-clean ones. Concentrate must be dissolved in water and whipped into a foam, and then applied to the carpet with a brush. According to reviews, general dirt, organic residue and grease «Cinderella» Even on tough dirt and scrubbing can be very effective, but traces caused by felt-tip pens, paints, and plasticine are less effective. Separate «thanks» pet owners say the cleaner: thanks to the antistatic, wool does not stick to the carpets after cleaning for a long time. There is practically no need to wash the product, you just need to vacuum the dried carpet. The smell is not persistent, quickly goes away.

  • Effective, despite the low price;
  • antistatic effect;
  • rinses off easily;
  • economical.
  • Does not remove tough stains.

The best products for removing tough stains from carpets

Bagi Stichonite

In the category of the best stain removers for carpets, Bagi Stichonite. The reviews say that it is the strongest carpet cleaner on the market. Removes traces of grease, berries, wine, blood, paint, felt-tip pens, etc.д., At the same time refreshes and renews the fabric without leaving streaks. The sprayer creates a dense foam, which should be applied to a wet coating with warm water, wipe with a sponge and rinse with water. You can also make a solution: 150 ml per 5 litres of water. Stichonite works as a concentrated stain remover and cleans hard-to-remove stains on carpeting, interior fabrics, car covers, regardless of the material.

  • high efficiency;
  • it is universal for all fabrics;
  • does not leave streaks, does not spoil fabrics;
  • neutralizes unpleasant odors;
  • strong odor, takes a long time to evaporate
  • difficult to wash out the foam.

Help for carpet cleaning

A good carpet cleaner that can replace more expensive products. It can be used as a stain remover: spray on dirty areas and wipe with a sponge. In addition to surfactants, components are added for more effective removal of difficult stains, so it is recommended to use it only for its intended purpose, work with gloves, vacuum the surface thoroughly and ventilate the room after cleaning.

10 best carpet cleaners
  • low price;
  • convenient form with an atomizer;
  • removes odors;
  • effective.
  • Does not remove all types of stains;
  • Only suitable for removing individual stains, but not for general carpet cleaning;
  • quite caustic.

Selena Carpet

Again, an inexpensive product that does its job quite well. The spray cleaner removes even very difficult and «ancient» stains. But you have to work hard: despite the abundant foam that Kovrol gives, without rubbing with a sponge or brush the stain will not come off. The product is designed for «spot» Apply it to the stains, it’s too tiring to work on the whole carpet, and it washes out «three».

10 best carpet cleaners

  • low cost;
  • handy sprayer;
  • Removes stubborn stains well;
  • has a light odor.
  • You have to make an effort to clean;
  • Work strictly with gloves;
  • hard to rinse.

The best soap for removing any stains from carpets


Who says that it’s out of fashion to use soap for carpet cleaning?? And if it is an effective soap, designed to remove the most stubborn stains on all kinds of fabrics? Antipyatin – A universal stain remover that helps where other remedies backfire. Stains from food, grass, felt-tip pens, green, iodine – Antipyatin easily copes with them both on carpets and furniture upholstery. They use it the old-fashioned way: they rub a damp soap on the most «harmful» Leave on for a while, then rinse off with water.

  • low price;
  • compact and easy to apply
  • economy;
  • high efficiency.
  • soapy smell;
  • hard to rinse off.

Best carpet cleaning foam

PROSEPT Sagret Shampoo is an active foam for cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture and textiles

Prosept Active Foam is a quick help for fresh dirt, when there is no possibility or wish to carry out a thorough cleaning. Due to the complex of APAV and NPAV with the addition of a solvent it perfectly copes with any uncured dirt, including organic. Quickly penetrates into the carpet, does not drip, easy to clean vertical surfaces. Approved for use on coverings made of natural, synthetic and mixed fibers, including curtains and various upholstery. Housewives note that the foam is easy to spread on large surfaces and dries quickly. But it doesn’t do wonders: stubborn stains need to be cleaned a few times or stronger detergents can be used.

  • Suitable for all fibers;
  • almost dry cleaning;
  • Easy to use;
  • Refine carpets, balance out nap, remove odors.
  • high consumption;
  • Effective only for refreshing the carpet and removing light stains.

How to properly clean a rug?

  1. Clarify the composition of the carpet and match it to the directions on the package. Natural wool, cotton, synthetics may require a different approach.
  2. Remove dust and surface dirt: vacuum the carpet, and use a dry brush on upholstered furniture.
  3. Test the cleaner on a small patch of fleece!
  4. Make a solution according to the instructions on the packaging (if the product is ready to work, this point is skipped), apply it to the nap and leave it for the recommended manufacturer of time.
  5. Then scrub with a soft brush or sponge and rinse with water. For some products, it is suggested that the carpet be vacuumed instead of washing, to remove dried foam or powder residue.
  6. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

It’s important to ensure fresh air flow both during and after cleaning, i.e.к. Some products have a strong odor. In addition, good ventilation will help the carpet dry faster

What carpet cleaner to choose?

10 best carpet cleaners
So, today our rating of the best means for cleaning carpets is headed not expensive and well-publicized products, but simple domestic, which are the most accessible, effective and easy to use. As a result, we want to say that each dirty carpet requires an individual and comprehensive approach, because it is important not only to clean it well, but also not to spoil it. For a thorough wash choose a quality shampoo which can cope with a large area of dirt, and for particularly stubborn stains stock up on concentrated spray with active additives. Good buy!

* note that the reliability of the information and the results of the ratings are subjective and do not constitute advertising

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