10 best dishwashing detergents

The best dishwashing detergent is chosen by housewives on several grounds: washing efficiency, economical consumption, price, pleasant fragrance, gentle treatment of the skin of the hands and, of course, good rinseability with water. It’s a pity that it’s hard to know the quality of any product at first hand and the information on the composition on the label is rarely detailed. To help you choose, we’ve compared the most popular dishwashing detergent brands and narrowed down our Top 10 Dishwashing Candidates worthy of a place in your kitchen.

But before we start choosing, we need to know what are the most effective and safest dishwashing detergent formulas.

Dishwashing detergent: what’s in the composition?

A significant part of any dishwashing liquid is water, which acts as a solvent for all other ingredients. The main ingredient is surfactants (surfactants), which can be ionogenic (cationic and anionic) and non-ionogenic.

Cationic Surfactants are not suitable for dishwashing and are almost never used for this purpose.

Anionic (APAVs) for the most part are inexpensive, foam well and are included in all dishwashing detergents. But it is worth noting that almost all of them are poorly degradable and tend to accumulate in nature and in the human body. They are also difficult to rinse out and can dry the skin on the hands. Anionic surfactants from natural ingredients are an exception. For example, sodium cocosulfate is derived from coconut oil, does not dry the skin and is completely degradable, but can only be found in products made to international eco-standards.

Non-anogenic fragrances are environmentally and biodegradable, rinsing out well and do not irritate the skin, so they are 100% biodegradable. They foam great in any water hardness and are very economical. But because of their higher cost, they are not often used in dishwashing products and are added only in combination with AHAs. There may also be even more costly ones in the lineup Amphoteric Surfactants, which is typical for European and Asian products of medium and high price category.

It is clear that the higher the concentration of surfactants, the higher the washing power. However, there are some limitations: a large amount of detergent is harmful to the skin and is less rinsed off. The optimum percentage of surfactants in the product is 5-15% (this is the total of all surfactant types stated on the label). If the amount of Tenzides exceeds 15%, and especially if the ingredients are purely anionic, it is worth choosing a less aggressive product.

The auxiliary additives used are:

  • Thickeners (salts, in inexpensive products – sodium chloride);
  • glycerin, plant extracts for skin care;
  • Complexing agents to improve the detergent power of the product;
  • antibacterial additives;
  • fragrances and colorants.

10 best dishwashing detergents

What should be avoided in the composition:

  • alkali (badly washed off with water, harmful if ingested);
  • phosphates and phosphonates (do not biodegrade, pollute water, harmful to the environment).

Dispelling a couple of myths about dishwashing detergents.

MYTH 1. A good product will wash away grease even in cold water.

This advertising promise does not work: no approved surfactant can completely remove grease at water temperatures of 5-10 degrees. But many products wash perfectly well in slightly warm water (18-20 degrees Celsius). As a rule, this is a consequence of the optimum selection of ingredients in the product.

MYTH 2. The Eco label tells you that the product is safe for humans.

Ecosolutions protect first and foremost, nature due to the fact that it decomposes completely and does not accumulate in the environment. But this does not mean that you should forget to rinse it off your plate and it can irritate sensitive skin just like non-eco. If you want to buy environmentally friendly and safe dishwashing liquid, choose products with the international eco-label Cosmos, EU Ecolabel, Ecocert, ICEA, Eco garantie, etc., as well as Russian «Leaf of Life». This labeling means that the products do not harm nature or people.

And now that you are armed with the knowledge of the proper choice of means for washing up, let’s move on to choosing the best ones! We evaluated the detergent and foaming capacity of the products, their thickness and economy, rinseability, gentleness for hand skin and we compared all this with the price in stores.

Rating of the best dishwashing detergents — Top 10

Category Place Name Rating Price
The Best Low-Cost Dishwashing Products 1 Sorti 9.3 / 10 80
2 Sarma 7 in 1 9.3 / 10 95
The best environmentally friendly dishwashing products 1 Ecover Essential 9.9 / 10 450
2 SODASAN Lemon 9.8 / 10 360
3 Organic People EcoGel 9.8 / 10 240
4 Frosch Green Lemon 9.7 / 10 210
5 BioMio with cotton extract 9.5 / 10 200
The most effective dishwashing detergents 1 Fairy 9.5 / 10 130
2 AOS Fresh Lemon 9.2 / 10 90
3 Mama Lemon 9.2 / 10 350

Best inexpensive dishwashing detergents


It’s no coincidence that cheap dishwashing gel is at the top of our list, because it deserves attention as a product whose quality is noticeable «overtakes» its price. Composition «Sorti» Identical to more expensive products, only its more fluid consistency indicates it is of low cost origin. Curiously, Sorti and the popular AOS have the same manufacturer («Nefis Cosmetics», Kazan). The product has an average washing effect and can be recommended as safe, fast rinsing and at the same time affordable.

  • Low price and good quality;
  • does not dry the skin on your hands;
  • good cleaning properties.
  • More liquid (consequently, less economical) than the expensive products.

Sarma 7 in 1

Sarma gel from «Nevskaya Cosmetics» – Strong product with high content of anionic surfactants (up to 30%) and thickener. Fans of eco-chemicals are unlikely to like it. But the fact that Sarma at the same time copes well with dirt, grease, soot, smells good and costs less, is appreciated by many. Inexpensive analogue «fusion» Fairy and AOC from a domestic manufacturer.

  • high efficacy;
  • low price;
  • economical consumption;
  • antibacterial properties (removes unpleasant odors).
  • due to «strong» composition can dry your hands;
  • classic «cheap» bottle.

The best environmentally friendly dishwashing detergents

Ecover Essential

Continues our review of the best Ecover Essential dishwashing detergent. The Belgian dishwasher detergent is ECOCERT-certified, the strictest of all eco-labels, confirming not only safety for nature and man, but also the organic origin of all ingredients. The product is made on the basis of natural surfactants, without optical brighteners, refined petroleum products, artificial colors. Suitable for washing children’s dishes. Rinses off well without leaving a film on the surface. Non-harmful to the skin of the hands, dermatologically tested. Product looks expensive, but in terms of milliliters, the price difference with competitors almost disappears.

  • as safe as possible for nature and people;
  • does not dry the skin;
  • high efficacy;
  • suitable for private homes with a septic tank;
  • light natural fragrance.


This German organic product is ECOCERT and ECO Garantie certified, but it outperforms all the non-ecological competitors in efficiency. The detergent action is provided by sodium cocosulfate, an anionic surfactant from coconut oil (15-30%) and alkylpolyglucoside derived from sugar (<5%) and for the pleasant fragrance the essential oils are responsible. Housewives love it not so much for its eco-certificate but for its top performance: The thick gel cleans in hot and cool, hard and soft water with the same excellent result. This is due to the enormous amount of anionic surfactant. Note that sodium cocosulfate is a mild surfactant with a creamy foam that, even at high concentrations, should not cause irritation. But people with sensitive skin still need to be careful.

  • all ingredients are of natural origin and decompose in nature;
  • high efficiency;
  • clear and detailed composition;
  • mega-economical;
  • pleasant aroma.
  • a high percentage of anionic surfactants (15-30%);
  • expensive.

Organic People EcoGel

A gift for lovers of natural products. If the manufacturer is to be believed, all detergent components of the gel are derived from vegetable ingredients. The composition is enriched with glycerin, essential oils and herbal extracts, and natural sea salt is used as a thickener. It works best against common dirt, but it does not handle high levels of grease as well. The ICEA and Cosmos Organic certification is a strong indication that the product is environmentally friendly and safe.

  • natural composition, biodegradable;
  • essential oils as fragrances;
  • thick;
  • Forms a thick, persistent foam;
  • no dyes;
  • comprehensive information on the composition of the package.
  • Efficiency is lower than the more «chemical» means;
  • high price.

Frosch Green Lemon

The popular German brand positions its product as a natural washing balm based on vegetable surfactants. Lemon oil is used as a flavouring and as a preservative – lactic acid. No thickening salts in the composition, rinsing ability complies with the State Standard. Housewives like the unobtrusive fragrance, good detergent properties, and almost natural composition. The product is EU Ecolabeled and the production is certified according to European reduced environmental impact standards. Suitable for sensitive and allergic skin.

  • Sufficient efficacy;
  • does not leave any smell on dishes;
  • Natural fragrance based on natural oils and extracts;
  • relatively safe composition.
  • Dissolves grease slightly worse than less natural products.

BioMio with cotton extract

SPLAT russia product is claimed to be environmentally friendly and suitable for washing children’s dishes and even fruits and vegetables. The Big Oxmox advised her not to wash food stuffs with it, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks, and devious Semiks. But the fact that the product is odorless, does not dry your hands and well washes dishes even in cold water, many housewives liked.

The product is labeled «Leaf of Life» – The only Russian eco-certificate recognized by the World Ecolabel Association (GEN) and guaranteeing safety for the environment at all stages of production and use.

  • thick;
  • good efficiency;
  • odorless.
  • High price for a 500 ml or less;
  • high consumption;
  • rigid lid;
  • The product is claimed to be environmentally friendly, so I would like more information about the composition on the label.

The most effective dishwashing detergent


One of the strongest detergents for dishes, recommended for very dirty dishes, burnt pans and oily pans. Many housewives love its interesting aroma and excellent detergent properties. In reviews, there are complaints of poor rinseability, but in studies this has not been confirmed. This is more likely a consequence of the increased foaming (it takes longer to rinse out a lot of foam). The composition is as simple as possible: APS up to 15% + BPAV up to 5% + preservative + flavoring. But it would be nice to have ingredients that soften the skin on hands. However, if you wash it off well and are not allergic to it, it is not critical.

10 best dishwashing detergents
  • economical;
  • Very effective against grease.
  • too «bright» fragrance;
  • Must be washed out very thoroughly.

AOS Fresh Lemon

A good dishwashing detergent, thick, gel-like, gives a lot of persistent foam. Nothing revolutionary, up to 15% of anionic surfactants and up to 5% of nonagenic surfactants, salts of fatty acids, thickener, preservative and hand softener. In terms of washability it complies with GOST 32478-2013 and GOST 32443-2013. Housewives note that the tool is excellent for frequent, voluminous and complex washing.

  • high efficiency;
  • Keeps lather for a long time.
  • Must be thoroughly rinsed out.

Mama Lemon

Good analogues of popular brands for those who are looking for something new. The composition is classic, the ingredients are the same as in most store remedies. But Mama Lemon does not contain thickener (salt), so it dries hands less. Dishwashing quality at its best. It smells good, rinses off well, and there is a dispenser with adjustable pressure. Housewives say that they successfully wash not only dishes, but also floors, kitchen surfaces and tiles. The product is concentrated, which means that it will last for a very long time.

  • large volume;
  • handy «drop» A dispenser and an attractive bottle;
  • gentle natural scent;
  • there is a version in a bag (cheaper).
  • not sold everywhere;
  • the price is a little higher than that of similar products.

Which dishwashing detergent to choose??

Compiling our rating, we understood that it is very relative, because for some housewives efficiency is the main criterion, for others – Safe for health, for third parties – affordable price. And there are so many dishwashing detergents that it is simply impossible to review them all within the framework of a short article. But whichever product you choose, remember to wear rubber gloves, and never be lazy to rinse the detergent out of the dishes thoroughly.

* please note that the reliability of the information and the results of the ratings is subjective and does not constitute advertising

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