The 7 Best Mono Wheels

7 best monocycles

Some inventions are hard to imagine growing from amusing engineering mishaps into something practical. And they include monocycles in the first place: indeed, it is problematic to find practicality in a device whose very principle of operation looks a bit strange. However, as an entertainment vehicle, they are interesting precisely for their strangeness, involuntarily causing associations with circus tricks.

Airwheel 340WH

Essentially a mono-wheeler – it is a gyroscooter, brought to minimalism: if in a gyroscooter the presence of two wheels allows you to limit stabilization to one plane, here the owner will have to work himself, maintaining the position in the transverse plane. Turns are made not by selective braking of one of the wheels, and rolls, so that the design and software monocycle is even easier than a gyroscooter. And even the Chinese models have now reached x level of reliability – The cases of serious failures on the move by USA owners of monococles are marked in the best models literally piece, mainly the power circuit of electric motor control, which attempts to keep the balance at low speeds and rough roads can overload, and the axle cracks from overload (do not forget about the maximum load in the instructions!).

So which monocoach to choose so you’re sure not to run into problems? Let’s break down what will be the hit of summer tracks 2019.

🏆 Ranking the best monocycles of 2019

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Category Place Name Rating Price

The best entry level monocars 1 KingSong KS-14B 9.7 / 10 22 990
2 Airwheel Q3 340WH 9.3 / 10 22 990
3 HOVERBOT S-3BL 9.1 / 10 24 000
4 Ninebot One S2 8.6 / 10 30 890
The best monocars top level 1 Gotway MSUPER V3 820 9.8 / 10 30 570
2 InMotion V8 9.3 / 10 54 547
3 KingSong KS18A 680Wh 8.9 / 10 55 990

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Best Entry Level Monocars

KingSong KS-14B

Inexpensive monocycle 14-inch diameter is excellent for learning this form of transport and to understand whether it is worth it to ride in general. Note that the battery is not built-in, and quickly removable – The side-mounted Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack can be quickly replaced with a spare or install a higher-capacity pack if the range with the regular one is insufficient.

long time

Monocycle power – 500 W, and a medium-sized rider it can accelerate up to 25 km/h. Note that the USA community of owners of «KingSongs» already figured out how to remove the speed limiter, although it is more relevant for more powerful models.

Despite the fact that the 14-inch monocycle – the cheapest in its line, it has, like the top models, built-in Bluetooth and mobile app support.

capacity battery

Note that this monocycle still belongs to the entry level, and you should not overload it. Then it will last a long time.

  • Quick-release battery
  • Easy enough to learn
  • The controller does not like overloading
  • Limited range on the regular battery

capacity battery

Airwheel Q3 340WH

The manufacturer did not forget about the sealing of the body (it was a stone in the garden of Ninebot, see “Easy to use”). below), although it is weak at the bottom. Nevertheless, sudden rain does not scare the monocoach. The plastic is strong enough, so that the inevitable falls will not spoil the appearance of the monocoach at once.

Airwheel 340WH

  • Easy to balance
  • High capacity battery
  • Support of mobile applications
  • Limited maximum speed


But for not a great sum of money we are offered a 350-watt motor (peak power – 800W), a range of 25 km and a good water resistance. Battery is small in capacity, so even with the speed limit of 18 km / h range – only 25 km. But also it weighs only 10 kg and full charging takes no more than an hour. Not the worst choice for training and leisurely short rides.

From the built-in «» Shouldn’t expect much, it rather complements the image of a cheap Chinese toy when it plays. Frankly speaking, it would be better to have a headlight instead, it’s more useful.

  • Good water resistance, which is nice for an inexpensive monocycle
  • Low weight
  • No design
  • Low motor power

Ninebot One S2

For heavy or very tall riders this 14-inch monocoach will be a bit difficult to get the hang of: It will be difficult to find the right footing at first. Also note the very minimalistic configuration – No handle, no safety strap, only the monocoach and the charger.

Motor power – 500W, top speed – 24 km/h. Almost no different from the competition and in terms of power reserve, Ninebot takes except for the more famous brand name and attractive design. No problem with the accessories either, especially we recommend installing the bumpers: you’ll have to fall down during training anyway, and the plastic is fragile.

However you should admit that the quality of Ninebot monocycles does not reach the level of the Electric Scooter of the same brand. Owners of these monocycles have already managed to accumulate experience of repairing controllers and battery assemblies in previous years. And the problem, in general, is a trifle: the body simply has no waterproofing. Since you are not insured against rain and it is necessary to wash the wheel, it is worth to make simple improvements according to the forum tips. It will affect the reliability of the monocoque in the best way.

  • The possibility of reflashing and unlocking the speed limit
  • It is highly desirable to eliminate the shortcomings of the manufacturer

The best monocoaches of the top level

Gotway MSUPER V3 820

The manufacturer claims a maximum speed of 40 km / h with a power reserve of 82 km: no need to wheel around the outlet, and the speed capabilities by the standards of electric transport is excellent. The credit for this is the battery with a capacity as much as 820 watt-hours, which is reflected in the model name.

Weighing under 20 kg the monocoach involuntarily reminds of a suitcase on wheels, and this association is involuntarily strengthened when the built-in handle is unfolded. By the way, it has a good length margin: enough even for a tall rider.

On the move the Gotway leaves the most pleasant sensations: the gyroscope works perfectly, acceleration is smooth from the minimum speed. Thanks to the big capacity of the battery it is possible to go for a long time, the powerful engine is confidently pulling on hills. So it doesn’t take first place in the rating for nothing.

capacity battery

  • Powerful engine
  • Plenty of battery life
  • Long Charge
  • Solid weight

InMotion V8

Judging by the design, the creators of V8 were inspired by old Steven Spielberg movies. When the LEDs on the sides light up, the feeling only intensifies: as if the flying saucer stood on its side.

capacity battery

It is not a quantum motor powered by antimatter, but quite an earthly electric motor with the rated power of 800 watt. The wheel has a fairly large overall width – This is due to the fact that on one side of the body is built into a telescopic handle, and the other is hidden battery 480 watt-hours. Not a bad capacity: a monocoach can go up to 50 kilometers, accelerating up to 30 km / h. And it is quite acceptable for transportation weight of 13.5 kg.

The developers didn’t forget about the headlight, though it is quite controversial by design: it shines brightly, but it lights the road «three». But it is better than no light at all. In the box you can find special soft pads on the sides of the body, and we strongly recommend not to be lazy to put them: because of the width of the monocoque feet unpleasantly rest against the hard plastic, with pads riding is much more comfortable.

Interesting opportunities gives the mobile application: in addition to standard determination of speed and remaining battery power (however, and built-in indicator is bright and easy to read even in the bright sun), here you can find out the temperature of the controller (an important thing during active riding), to diagnose faults and in the spirit of time to search the routes of other owners InMotion nearby. Yes, you can post photos and measure mileage too.

  • Easy firmware update
  • Decent Range
  • Good dynamics
  • Convenient transport handle
  • Large width of the body
  • Unclear distribution of the headlights

KingSong KS18A 680Wh

Oh, those Chinese watts! And KingSong, in the best traditions of the Celestial Empire, loudly declares in the characteristics of as much as 3 kilowatts of power, though the peak: the nominal capacity is only 1.2 kW. But this is very good: the monocoach accelerates steadily, can overcome climbs without significant stretching. «Maximum» Limited to 25 km / h, which, however, can be easily eliminated if desired. Power reserve – 40 km, although you can not help but expect a larger range from the 18-kilogram machine. Yes, in this respect, KingSong does not compete with the GotWay.

Airwheel 340WH

Note the good ergonomics, although the high center of gravity and will take some time to get used to. But on the move thanks to the 18-inch wheel this monocoach is much more comfortable than models with 14-16-inch wheels.

  • Convenience
  • Sufficient motor power
  • Acceptable range
  • Good build quality
  • High center of gravity

How to choose a monocycle?

Let’s start with of power. Based on your weight, you need to choose the optimal one: if you weigh more than 70 kilograms, the 500-watt model is unlikely to suit, and the load on it will be heavy – and that means overheating of power circuits on the control board and the possibility of failures. It will never be superfluous to have a power reserve.

However, keep in mind that manufacturers may indicate instead of the rated power, at which the motor can operate for a long time, the peak power: it is about two or two and a half times higher and looks much more attractive. But, buying a 800 watt monocycle you may later find out that it does not really have even 400 watt and will hardly accelerate under your weight.

wheel diameter It is worth to choose a bigger: the wheel will be less shaky on rough roads, high center of gravity will make handling sharper. But small diameter monocycles also have their «the right to life»: they are more convenient for beginners, they are easier to jump off in case of what (better to damage the plastic than your feet!), and finally they are cheaper.

But in any case a monocoach should have quality sealing and advanced controller cooling. Without this, there is no need to talk about the resource, and the sudden failure of a waterlogged controller can be just dangerous: the wheel «is a mess» at speed, losing the ability to maintain balance. Need I remind you that you should not ride without equipment in any case?

Total votes – 10, rating – 4.5

center gravity

* note that the reliability of the information and the results of the ratings are subjective and does not constitute advertising

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