Business Education and personality development: the most important aspect lacking in today’s Education system

In the era of competition, every individual must have business education and personal traits to survive. Every individual always think about one thing throughout one’s life that did schooling education gives everything ones required to know? I am sure you ever have disappointed with it. Most of the schools teach pupils about skimming a lot of significant topics instead of teaching skills and thorough knowledge of subjects. It’s everyone’s story.

To become a successful tycoon, ones needs not have expertise in school subjects because it does not provide a successful, productive and healthy life. In all nations, the primary subjects are Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies and they are enough to survive in the competitive world. In wider terms, there are preliminarily two things that a school or a college might not teach students to any pivotal extent. They are

  • Personality development

Personality development do not means look attractive. It is the overall development of an individual such as; intellectual power, communication skills, intelligence and code of conduct in the society. Although, every school, college and university provide development atmosphere to pupils for future prospective but it’s not enough to grab a job or to become a successful entrepreneur in the competitive world. Personnel skills, moral values, optimistic behavior and communication skills are also in demand in business market.  Many educational institutes are lacking of these skills.

Educational institutes do not teach marketing skills and how to obtain the customers in real life. Only one thing is provided bookish knowledge which is helpful in some extent but not all the time.

Whenever a person needs to clear any interview, ones should have good communication skills and great confidence level because the conduct of an interviewee puts the first impression on interviewer besides the degree one is carrying. Thus all these skills are parts of personal traits but that are missing in modern education system.

  • Business education

I have realized that most of people had some type of Life skills classes. But, it possibly was not sufficient enough to be of great help. Many folks take business classes in university or in a college and it may take them a little further in their field but still have to ask them: how often do they use these learned skills from those classes in the contemporary world?

Only fundamental of business practice are taught in colleges but in reality many technical skills are required to become a successful person. Schools and colleges do not provide sufficient knowledge of any industry which is provided by enterprise to new comers during industrial training. These days, educational institutes have become a money making business which focus on money rather than developing the skills of students. Most of education system rarely teach creativity, problem solving techniques, valuable original research methods and innovation. If this could be a part of every education system then employment rate can be raised overnight in every country. Moreover, memorizing is must but there is no place of learning and this is the biggest flaw in education system.


To sum up I would like to say that nowadays, most of people has graduate and master degrees but still they are unemployed. The primary reason behind it is the lack of personal traits and insufficient knowledge of enterprise. Governments should take some initiatives to improve the education system which develops skills and innovation in students. Technical and practical knowledge must be involved in educational curriculum to develop the future prospects of pupils because they are the future of every nation.

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