Choosing a mattress: hard or soft?

Scientists have recently estimated that approximately one-third of a person of one’s life, which is 25 years, is spent sleeping. Of course, this part of life should be spent in the greatest comfort. That is why you should choose a comfortable bed and a good mattress. It is very important that sleeping on a mattress was not only comfortable but also good for your health. In this article, we will talk about the types of mattresses and how to choose the right mattress. So…

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Basic types of mattresses

All mattresses are divided into two types: non-spring and spring mattresses.

There are, of course, there are more exotic types of mattresses, such as water mattresses or
air mattresses. However, they are not suitable for daily use, because Because air mattresses are impractical – because they can be punctured. It is convenient to use them for overnight stays during guests’ visits. As for water mattresses, they are quite difficult to use. But still, It is impossible to say which mattresses are better – spring or no spring mattresses because Each type has its own disadvantages and advantages. Spring mattresses consist of a block of springs and several different layers.

They are divided into two subspecies. Those in which the springs are fastened springs so that if you press one spring, you will squeeze and the neighboring ones. Their main advantage is an affordable price.

mattress choosing

Another subspecies, which is certainly more expensive, are mattresses, the spring unit
the block which consists of springs that are independent of each other. Each of the springs is in a kind of “pocket”, which are stapled into blocks, and the blocks, of course, are connected to each other. The load on the entire the load of the entire mattress is evenly distributed because the pressure on one of the springs does not press on one of the springs will not make the adjacent ones press through so that they can follow the shape of the human body.
the shape of the human body.

Non-spring mattresses may be made of one whole block or Several layers of different materials. The cost and quality of such mattresses depend on the filler used in the manufacture of such mattresses. The fillers for such mattresses can be batting, felt, sheep
Wool, latex, coconut fiber, foam rubber, and others. For example, mattresses Felt mattresses are inexpensive and their manufacture uses an environmentally friendly material. The quality of coconut fiber mattresses depends on the way If the coconut fiber is glued with latex, then
It will not deform under load, but if the coconut fibers but if coconut fibers are pressed together, they don’t last as long, even though they cost cheaper. Latex mattresses are considered high quality and durable because latex is elastic, flexible, and breathable.

However, how to choose the right mattress?

Citizens with an average build will be fine with any type of mattress. Full people should choose stiffer or spring mattresses, equipped with independent springs. For thin people, it is better to pay attention to the soft models of mattresses.

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