Does Water with Added Hydrogen Have More Benefits?

Drinking water is essential to your health.
And now beverage brands are claiming hydrogen water takes the benefits up a notch.
So it’s water with an extra hydrogen molecule added to it.

What is the real deal here of this?

Adding more hydrogen to your water may reduce inflammation in the body, act as
antioxidants, improve your mood, improve athletic performance, and reduce muscle fatigue.
I heard you can last for 5 hours in the bedroom. Wow.
You can leap over buildings.


I’ll just mount Kilimanjaro in 30 seconds.
Rank up, doctors. Yeah, it’s interesting. So water is made of H two o. So there’s already hydrogen, but we’re adding more hydrogen.
So it’s H 30 is that the has purified water and then molecular hydrogen gas.
So that’s added to it. So the hydrogen gas is infused into it. All right, cheers, guys. It tastes a little hydrogenic.

I don’t quite feel that good. The clock is ticking. You got to finish this whole thing in 30 minutes.
So the price is three dollars to ten dollars a bottle. Here’s the reality.

We’re going to ask the question, does that estrogen hydrogen have extra benefit?

There are no studies out there to support these claims.
I’m not buying this. I’m just dumb. I’m not. No, I mean post-workout. I mean eating cucumbers, tomatoes, grapefruit, and avocado, you’re going to get similar effects and just drink plain good old HD.

And if you want to spend the money, that’s fine. And I think staying hydrated is so very important. A lot of us forget that if we’re not staying hydrated. It’s true.

We’re 60% water. We are primarily made up of water. Got to stay hydrated. But this actually makes me nervous because within 30 minutes, if you don’t consume this, it turns back to normal water.

It’s like Cinderella’s carriage. So when the clock strikes midnight, it just was normal water, people. So you must drink up. It creates anxiety. It’s like hanging an IV bag. You know what?
You guys just look like an Ivy bag. Oh, my God.

Doctor Travis, are you a superhuman now?

I know, but I have to go. Peace, man. You look ready to go. You’re like, scientific speaking here?
I do think it’s important to make sure you got to figure it out for yourself. I wake up in the morning, I fill one of those one-liter reusable water bottles with water and I kind of sip on it throughout the day.

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