Dyson Airwrap Styler Review and Testing

The best thing that happened to my hair (photo inside)

I first learned about this brand when it released its legendary hairdryer. I really wanted to buy it, but I already had a professional, comfortable and powerful hairdryer at home, and the high price made me change my mind. I want to share my experience and write Dyson Airwrap Styler Review

But when the company released the Dyson Airwrap, I had no doubt that I will definitely have one! Even abroad I had to wait for two weeks to purchase it because it was sold out around the world immediately after its release (and it was just the New Year holidays).​

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Price The styler was $626

This is the Complete version, which includes 8 nozzles, but there is a cheaper version (without the brush and one straightening nozzle), which will cost somewhere around $50 cheaper.

What is unique in this styler?

dyson airwrap review

On the merits, we can highlight the fact that the system measures the air temperature 40 times per second and adjusts the temperature, so it does not exceed 150 degrees Celsius. Also styler simultaneously dries and pulls hair or dries, attracts and curls (depending on what style).


dyson airwrap reviews

The styler is in an eco leather storage pouch and closes with a magnetic lock. Inside is upholstered in a very pleasant to the touch black fabric (somewhat reminiscent of velvet).

The kit includes:

-hair straightener for thin hair;

-The tool to straighten stiff and thick hair;

-2 extensions of 30mm for curling hair;

-2 3/4″ hair extensions for curling hair;

-brush for cleaning the filter.


screenshot 43

I use this styler right after I wash my hair and towel dry it. Then I use the hairdryer attachment to dry my hair when it is wet until it is slightly damp (but if I am not in the mood for more styling, I can just dry my head with this attachment). The hairdryer is powerful and dries my hair quickly). To be honest, though, it makes drying and styling so much fun that I can’t remember when I have just dried my hair with a hairdryer without any extensions. Dyson.com

Brush attachment

screenshot 41

It’s a really nice round brush that gives my hair really nice volume. I don’t use it often and I really like it because my hair is kind of fluffy and full on its own and I want the opposite effect.

But for fine hair, it’s a lifesaver!

Sometimes I also use it to create a volume, especially when the hair is not very fresh and has lost volume on 2-3 days, I just spritz it with water and pull it with this brush.

The 30mm and 40mm curling attachments

screenshot 44

I used to practically never curl my hair because I was afraid to damage the already damaged hair (usually curlers are strongly heated and a little need to withstand to fix the result, I’m afraid to even imagine that would be if you curl hair permanently) and it takes a lot of time.

With this styler it is different, you can make great curls in 15-20 minutes, and do not fear that the hair will fall off 😄 With the Coanda effect, you can create really great curls

With the Coanda effect, the nozzle itself attracts and curls your hair, all you have to do is highlight the strands. The curls last a long time, several days, of course, I always fix them with nail polish. But even without polish on my hair will last a day.

On the diameter of 30 mm are two nozzles, each of them has arrows that indicate the direction of air movement, which helps to make your curls either from the face or to the face. On the 40mm it’s the same.

Smoothing nozzles

screenshot 45

They come with a soft comb (for thin hair) with bristles at the end and a stiff comb (to style unruly, curly hair).

As for the smoothing heads, I can say that if you have Slavic hair, the smoothing heads should work very well. But do not expect the effect as from the iron, the hair will look stretched with a hairdryer.

I also want to add that the styler can adjust the temperature cold air-medium-maximum (but we remember no more than 150 degrees), also self and power-weak-medium-maximum. Regarding the curls, you need to hold for 15 seconds then switch to cold mode and another 15 seconds to fixation.

Tutorial: Create a wavy bob with the Dyson Airwrap™ styler

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Dyson Airwrap Styler
dyson airwrap

Dyson Airwrap Styler Review and Testing ⭐ read this review about Dyson Airwrap Styler Review in 2023 .

Product Brand: Dyson

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 669

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  1. Edit: I have the revlon one step dryer and volumizer and I love it! But I meant that I wanted something that would dry and give you those beautiful curls, like the dyson dryer will, but with a more affordable price tag. ??

    I am waiting for Revlon to come out with some kind of curling blow dryer because $550 ain’t it ??

  2. Finally, someone who is using the Airwrap on ‘damp’ air like they are supposed to 🙂

  3. Reply
    Yojalma Plasmann Moleterno December 27, 2021 at 7:14 pm

    to me what really makes it worth that $500 is the fact that it doesn’t burn your hair like the one step does. after using my Revlon one step i smell the heat in my hair. I just set aside $50 aside every week and didn’t even feel it.

  4. I LOVEEEEEE how your hair turned out, so silky so smooth, so healthy looking style and soooo pretty… this is by far my favorite Post on this product… Thank you for the great demo… this is the first Post I watched where the person uses all the selections that comes on set…. nice nice…

  5. I have curly hair too. Your review was everything I wanted to know about the dyson airwrap, especially the details you gave about each attachment. It was very helpful. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for the honest review! My natural hair is very similar to yours and I have had issues finding good reviews for the airwrap for my hair type! I have the dyson hair dryer and LOVE it and I think I am going to start saving for an airwrap now because of your review! Thanks so much! <3

  7. Thank you for the honest review! I have the same hair type/texture as yours & I totally agree that paddle brushes just don’t do it for curly hair! I have had the Dyson hair dryer for a few years & LOVE it but it would be nice to have an all-in-one styling device. I think I’m gonna take the plunge & get one!!!

  8. Finally, you tested this. I wanted to see how this worked for you. Your hair looks very healthy and full with it. I think this will damage your hair FAR less than a flat iron and probably less than the Revlon brush because this has a mechanism that keeps the temp relatively low ( confirmed by my infrared thermometer). I did not like ANY of the brush attachments though. I only like the Coanda curlers.

  9. I’m currently hunting for best hair dryer brush and I watched three of your Posts that compare between, Revlon vs Fake Revlon, Revlon vs Hot Tools, and this dyson Post…I can say that your hair looks the best with dyson, from what I can see in the Posts. Your hair is super shiny and those volume curls! If I have that extra money to spare I would buy this dyson set

  10. The technology that they use for the Dyson hair dryer is different than regular drugstore blowdryers. The dyson has various heat settings but does not go beyond 100 degree Celsius which wouldn’t damage your hair as much. Regular traditional drugstore blowdryers often go over the celcius to which would damage and dry out our hair. It is an expensive product, but if you have ever felt the air that comes out of the dyson, the air is much smoother feeling, resulting is much healthier hair compared to drugstore

  11. honestly this is by far the best, proper, and most useful dyson airwrap review i have ever seen. kudos to you!

  12. Hey Julissa, do you still use your dyson airwrap ? Did you see a reduction in damage ? Also, does the straight hair stay straight ? or does it turn poofy or frizzy?

  13. Everyone keeps taking about the price…so let’s break it down. You get a blow dryer, 4 styling wands, a straightening brush, round brush and a additional smoothing brush all with the technology of Dyson. If these things were purchased separately it would be that much. Most people buy all these things anyway that ruin their hair.
    I am over hearing about how expensive it is. Look at it as buying it all at once and call it a day.

  14. Julissa, I bought Dyson Air wrap after watching your review and I’m a huge HUGE fan of it now, My hair is extremely dry and frizzy and I do not use hair conditioner because they are very damaging for hair in long run but instead, I just use natural plant based hair moisturizers/butters and deep conditioners as leave in… but ever since I started using Dyson, my hair is dried so faster and it always leaves bounce, shine and smoothness to my hair, i’m head over heels with it though it broke my bank lol… my 8 year old daughter have so much hair, thick and upto her waist and with normal drying process, it takes me at least 30 mins to detangle and dry her properly, but with dyson, it’s Max 10 mins to dry, detangle and straighten… am not joking… Dyson is God sent… On the other hand, I also have a feeling that $500 was too much, could have been like $250 – $300 or so…

  15. It looks so shiny and healthy. Now I want to buy one! ??

  16. Finally someone using it on curly hair! Thank you ????

  17. I have to say, for the Posts of you I have seen, I think the Revlon does a much better job. Yes, bouncy, but I prefer the sleeker look and I think you got that done with the Revlon one much better and seemed quicker to me too.

  18. I think the $550 are for brand, Dyson, and motor, Dyson. It is known for its power and longevity. But as far as attachments go, I don’t think $550 is worth the splurge. Unless, they offer a lifetime guarantee on attachments, then you’re getting your money’s worth. ???????

  19. Thank you for always being so honest on your Posts

  20. You hair looks so beautiful after using this. And how’s your experience using it since it’s been long you’ve posted this. Could you please let us know?

  21. Pls. Note that if you had keratin or hair rebonding, it wont hold the curl for too long.

    Yes, other tools can do the same output but not without damaging your hair. If you are okay with that and prefer to do hair treatments once in a while, then stick to cheaper one.

    When you buy dyson, you are also paying for the techonology and it less damage to your hair. If you have the money, why not? If you dont have, then stick to whatever you are using now.

  22. I think its worth it because it doesnt damage your hair at the end of the day, we always choose the one thats healthier for our hair

  23. Reply
    Cherylyn L. Tompkins January 4, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    I’ve watched a lot of demos on this, including from the Dyson people. You seriously HAVE to have damp hair when using the barrels if you want your curls to hold like a curling iron. The barrels will finish drying your hair. You use the dryer attachment to “pre-dry” if your hair is wet to get it to the damp stage. THEN use the barrels for curling. Hair won’t curl properly if it is too wet OR too dry. You also need smaller sections for the pieces to set properly and evenly. I just watched another YouTuber realize what she was doing wrong, correct it in her Post and gave updates at 6 hours then 20 hours to show how long her curls lasted. The smoothing brushes are for just that. The round brush is a volumizing brush to give lift at the roots. All of the attachments will dry your hair so please redo your hair with it damp to get the best results. This kit also is supposed to cause less heat damage because they are using air and there’s a heat/temp regulator. Your hair results still look beautiful but I want to see the right curl results because we have similar hair types/curl patterns. Thanks.

  24. Definitely buying the Dyson airwrap after seeing how it works on curly hair!! ??

  25. Your hair is still super wavy in the roots. 12:43

    This Post was very helpful. We also have the same curl type, which additionally helps.

  26. Your hair looks so good! I just don’t like putting that much time/effort in styling my hair.

  27. Just found your channel and I love all your Posts! Keep it up ??

  28. Hey ! I really liked your Post. It was very helpful. But then there are 2 things I would like to ask, how long does the straight hair last for? Given the Indian humidity, I think it will go back to being curly too soon. Also, whats the real difference between the smooth brush and the firm brush? Is one better than other for keeping the hair straight or something?

  29. The finished look is beautiful ??

  30. Loved the result! Gorgeous hair!!

  31. Loveeeeee it! You sold me! I finally found someone on YouTube who has hair like me so i could see it demonstrate

  32. Did your hair stay straight, or did it puff up? Do you think this is better than the Revlon one step?

  33. Woah! Now you’re making me really go for making tutorials and reviews in my channel. Been holding back actually. Thank you for this Post

  34. Great to see you using the Airwrap properly. Great Post. Thank you. X X

  35. I own this too and must tell you it gets really hot.

    It can dry your scalp if you use it regularly.

    The curls don’t stay for long and hair can also become dry.

    Not worth for the amount.

    Plus it is super time consuming.

  36. Your hair comes out great every time! But… I cringe every time you mix your damp hair with the parts you already straightened to grab hair onto the brush! ?? I have curly hair and I know separating sections sucks but if you do, even on the sides and back.. it’s Queen!

  37. Wow you literally look like a mixture of Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez ?? Loved this Post x

  38. Reply
    Lynelle's Kros-Faith Walk January 10, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    Great Post the round brush is amazing and the air wrap curling attachments. But still so expensive.

  39. Wow, your hair looks amazing!!!

  40. You can use the bigger regular blow dryer attachment with your own Regular round brush and your blow out will be better And smoother

  41. Omg came out soooo pretty!

  42. Would you say you prefer the Dyson round brush or the Revlon blow dry brush when it comes to blowdrying hair?? Thanks!

  43. Not for curls but I like the flat hair brush attachment for straightening

  44. You are the cutest! Thanks for this Post – I have tight curls and I’m wondering whether I should get the air wrap or the new dyson straightener

  45. Hi i just want to know we have the same hair or type of hair and i agree it takes time to dry our hair straightened it Nd then curl it! So me it takes me 20mins to dry my hair and 30mins to straighten it nicely and 15mins to curl it so how long did it took to achieve this hair ? Thankyou so much! Pretty girl

  46. Oh my god this looks gorgeous!!!!!!

  47. I think it looks really nice and healthy and you have a lot of hair ,you are blessed ????

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  50. It is incredible. What hair!!! I love it.

  51. Julissa my wife has your same type of hair and always uses the same round brush when she blows it out it’s been a year since your review do you recommend yes or no thanks again

  52. Hi Julissa! Thank you for review! Will the dyson curl my hair if I start off with it dry or does it have to be damp to curl?

  53. Beautiful, perfect for a night out.??

  54. It looks awesome ??

  55. Es tremenda maquina espectacular dyson y lo mejor no da?a el cabello . Lo mejor

  56. Wow $550 is just not worth it too me ! Someone needs to come out with a copy cat version ??

  57. Julissa. Did you keep your Dyson or returned it? I have the same type of hair as you, also Dominican 🙂
    I bought this expensive tool, but after a hour my hair get frizz. Not sure if I will keep it.
    Loved your Chanel. Thanks ??

  58. Think of the damage from all the hair stylers you use. Then all the money you spend on trying to fix the damage. By the time your done you could have bought a Dyson and saved the damage.

  59. You shouldn’t work it through the hair so many times, you should wait in place with the straighteners otherwise your hair will get frizzier.

  60. Wow your hair looks stunning!?? how long did it last?

  61. I was waiting for this review!

  62. how long will last the blow dry style? I am similar hair and usually if it is raining they all get ruined as soon as I am out 🙁

  63. Reply
    Aurora Maria Lopez Reggiori January 19, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    Does it do the same job with the cold air setting?

  64. I couldn’t wrap my head around paying that much on a blow dryer. Id probably barely use it anyways and that would a waste.

  65. In coastal area salty humid climates impact hair to be frizzy. Smoothing brush works only partly. Like 80%

  66. considering that this hair dryer does what others separately, How about damage? when gets dry looks shiny and soft but it doesnt mean it didnt damage it. Ahair dresser ruined my ends using a similar item, when I went out it was nice a shiny, but when I shower my hair I would notice the ends completely damaged that I had to trim it. SO again, the damaging effect would be a good reason for me to but it

  67. Can u do a review after a year using it? Does it damage ur hair?

  68. Hi! Just came across this Post… now that its been two years, would you still recommend this?

  69. Loved that her hair type was closer to mine!!

  70. I think this round brush is better for short hair ????

  71. No i think thats to much!!! El revlon te seca mucho mejor!! No vale la pena Compralo con todas esas funciones cuando cuando al parecer las mas utiles con los curlers. Devuelvelo y si aun te gusta compra el que tiene menos funciones y cuesta menos.

    Por cierto gracias, yo tembien estaba loca por comprarlo y gracias a ti ya vi que tal!! ??

  72. IDK why you spent so much money, you got such nice hair i think you could get just as nice results with less expensive tools. And your face is so beautiful, i think you could get away with it even if you were bald!
    But thanks, i always wanted to know about Dyson products.
    Good Post!

  73. I have curly hair too haha I love watching ur viddd ??

  74. Which do you think works best between the Revlon and Dyson?

  75. OMG!! That is way too expensive ??????.. You are the reason why I purchased my Revlon One Step Dryer and Volumizer and it’s been my best purchase EVER but there is no way I could afford this one. It is over 25 000 Dominican pesos.

  76. Dang, I hate myself for watching multiply reviews, I want it so bad. Anyone have a discount code? ??

  77. It is a great product but the way you were using it was wrong, if I may say, just because I have it too. I have really damaged hair from bleaching and coloring (I’m a green head at the moment lol) and they get terrible when I dry it and is hard to keep it fixed, but with this it’s always so soft and straight! My tip is: use the blow dryer first, it takes off a good amount of humidity, then you style them with the brushe you like when they’re till kinda wet. You’ll see, even the black paddle brush (which is the one for thick and curlier hair) will work, all you need to do is to lower your head and brush your hair down and side to side so that it dries and gets straightened but with volume! Btw you’re beautiful and adorable!

  78. Your hair looks gorgeous

  79. I have the airwrap and curly hair wouldnt it be great if they came out with a bigger round brush for long curly hair?

  80. Please do a comparison of the round brush and other brush attachments to the supersonic afro comb. Thank you.

  81. The shine is due to the high heat. I imagine this is going to be very damaging in the long run. I found the same with the Revlon brush and I no longer use it because of this.

  82. Finally someone with the same hair as me!

  83. Lots of women saying the curls just don’t last. Once you walk out the door, they’re gone. It’s just a dryer/styler and doesn’t work miracles on anybody’s hair. It’s last years gimmick, this year something else will come out . A lot of money for what it is, basically a hair dryer , comb and curling iron, that’s about it.

  84. Wow super beautiful shine…never seen a blow out that awesome..good job!..no great job

  85. Whats your take on the Remington volume and curl?

  86. I love the bounce ?? but not the price I will not go past $250 the 1st time this came out I was like nope ?? not doing it ??

  87. Reply
    Corrinne Fitzgerald January 27, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    I got it and I am loving it good for the money ?? love corrinne friend got natural Cury hair too and straight volume hair too as well

  88. Your hair looks amazing thooooo!

  89. Gorgeous !!!

  90. How does the Dyson Airwrap bristles hold up overtime?

  91. Your natural hair is beautiful!

  92. Your hair is so shiny. What was the name of the stuff that u used before styling your hair?

  93. They need to come out with a set that doesn’t include the paddle brush attachments…I would never use the paddle ones

  94. $500 is expensive. You should have had a hair keratin treatment with your hair. And then go through it with a curling iron. You get the same effect.

  95. While it does get hot it never gets over 300 degrees to avoid extreme damage

  96. Awesome hair!

  97. Thank you darling, I love how honest your review is, I want to ask how hot it is?

  98. For that much money I expect it to do my hair on its own like literally the ith that much money I imagine it floating by itself straightning and curling my hair as u ask it to

  99. do u feel u take a longer time with dyson than other brands ?

  100. Just imagine that heat in the summer, no thank you. I can afford this product but would never buy it. I have watched many Posts and they are all iffy. Some parts work, most take longer, curls don’t last as long, and the price? Enough said.

  101. The time it took you to do just the first section, is all the time I have to do my whole head.

  102. I hate that it took me forever to buy it because I wanted to wait for the purple one to go in stock

  103. The Dyson round brush does not get as hot as the Revlon.

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  109. Wonderful!! I both GHD, but I think that I should have both the Dyson. It is more expensive, althoug the results are much better. Bye, bye

  110. Nothing beats the Revlon. Love the curls but I would still pick the Revlon.

  111. It seems if you have nothing to do all day, this product would work. However, people don’t have that much time in a day. I’d rather use a curling or straight iron and move on.

  112. In quarantine… shopping for all these things lol

  113. Reply
    Andreea Paula Ionita February 3, 2022 at 7:14 pm


  114. Beautiful results

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  124. Okay but can we talk about the amount of time? ??
    500$ and it takes you two days to barely curl your hair

  125. The end look ?????? but the roots seem frizzy a bit n for the price n the amount of extra time is not worth it to me is just too overpriced

  126. No it’s not worth paying that..that’s insane

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    Just sayin.

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  191. Hy Julissa .You look beautiful like always. I dont think i waste all the money on this tool. I mean is a nice and cool tool but is just to much money. I think you have the same and beautiful results using your other tool the cost you less .so no not for me. Great Post as always keep up the good job and God bless you always

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    Nah not worth the money

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