Electric Boiler or Convectors

Which is more economical? — Electric Boiler or Convectors

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heating system

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Before you heat your home with an electric appliance, you need to reinforce or upgrade your wiring. Otherwise the circuit breaker on the meter will trip, because the power limit in the house is not unlimited. In addition, power-consuming devices that run for hours put a strain on the wiring. Therefore, there is a high probability of wire burnout, short circuit or fire.

Super price

You’ll have to install a multi-tariff meter to use the cheap nightly rate. Otherwise it is not profitable to heat with electricity.

Decide for yourself how many heaters you need, — four or six.

controlled remotely
  • If you need four appliances, it is better not to bother with an electric boiler and piping. It is more reasonable to make do with heaters.
  • Five appliances — This is a cause for reflection: convector or electric boiler.
  • If you have six heaters, it is better to put a boiler. This is more economical.

What is the practicality of a boiler

It is better to connect the electric boiler to the buffer tank and integrate it into the hydraulic system. Buffer tank (heat accumulator) — This is a roomy metal water barrel. It is insulated, so it works like a thermos: saves heat and distributes it through the heating system.

Boiler Convectors

It is better to heat this barrel at night tariff so that the boiler does not work during the day. It is not possible to reserve the power in the electric convector, there is no such a possibility.

  • When it’s cold outside, it’s easier to set the exact temperature for the whole house in the boiler. Floor or wall heater controls the air temperature only in the individual room.
  • Electric boilers can be controlled remotely via text message. This option is available in many models. Convectors can also be controlled remotely. But to do this, you need to network all the heaters and connect to a controller that responds to remote commands. And it’s extra complexity and expense.

Electric Boiler Convectors

The privileges of convectors

  • Super price
  • -9%


  • Super price
  • -17%
  • Super price
  • -23%
  1. They heat up quickly and begin to give off heat in just a minute. Until the boiler heats the water and the batteries are warmed up, then «The cancer will blow the whistle five times».
  2. Convectors are safe. Many models have a thermostat that turns off the unit as soon as the air in the room reaches a set temperature.

In the room is better to put heaters with an electronic thermostat. They keep the temperature more accurately. And Noirot and Applimo, for example, also have a six-year warranty.


It is better to install heaters with a mechanical thermostat in the corridor, kitchen and bathroom (Electrolux, Gorenje). They have an error of 1-3 degrees, but in these rooms, it does not matter. It makes no difference what the temperature is outside the window. If the temperature is too low, the thermostat will turn off the heater’s heating element less often and the room will be constantly warm.

See the expert video on the feasibility of heating with convectors

What is better than an electric boiler or convector: conclusions

In terms of initial costs, heaters win only if plugged into a socket.

  1. The cost of good electric convectors and boilers are about the same.
  2. The electric network to put in each appliance will cost the same as the piping.

In other cases, the prices are about the same in comparison with the boiler and the hydraulic network. Slightly more expensive boiler. But the apparent expensiveness pays off after the very first year of use.


Watch the video expert on the power of the boiler and the capacity of the heating system

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