Hair Care, The Complete Guide Part 1 Washing

In this article we’ll talk about how to wash your hair properly. Do this as your skin gets dirty and depending on your hair type. On average, 1-3 times a week, but not every day. Washing too often dries the roots and makes hair look like a broom. In this case, the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively and the head gets dirty faster. You might end up having to wash your scalp twice a day.

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Myths about shampoos
Myth 1. A plentiful lather after washing indicates a high quality shampoo.
The Truth. The density of the foam is not an indicator of quality – it is an indication of a high detergent content.

What’s the best shampoo?

Wrong answer: The one that matches your hair type. Good answer: It’s hard to guess, because hair type is as fickle as a woman’s mood. Hair can get greasy under a hat in winter and greasy after the beach in summer – Dry. They are influenced by hormones and a host of other implicit reasons. Therefore, the concepts of «your» there is no shampoo for life. Choose it according to the situation and personal experience of using it.


Myths about shampoos
Myth 2. Shampoos with synthetic detergents dry out your scalp.
Truth. All detergents dry the skin because they wash away the protective grease layer.


Can I wash my hair with cold water?

Undesirable. Cold water, of course, makes hair shiny and invigorates the mind, but it narrows the blood vessels of the skin. Blood flow to the hair follicles worsens, making hair weaker. The optimal temperature for shampooing is 35-40 degrees. And for shine it is enough to rinse your hair with cool water or rinse the ends with it.


Myths about shampoos
Myth 3. The quality of the shampoo is determined by the quality of the detergent.
Truth. In most shampoos – и «good», и «bad» – the same detergents are used.

How to Shampoo

First lather it up with the palms of your hands, then apply it to your head. This makes it easier to distribute the shampoo so that each strand gets its portion. If you wash your hair often, it’s enough to lather it up once. For less frequent shampooing, reapply, halving the amount of shampoo.

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Myths about shampoo
Myth 4. High content of decoctions from plants – it’s great.
Truth. Decoction from plants in an effective concentration usually has a rich brown color. It says on the shampoo: «90% broth», It’s green? Hmm…

Why do you need conditioner and hair mask?

Because a good shampoo – Also a myth. If you want to take full care of your hair, give up the idea that shampoo will do anything useful for them. The only purpose of shampoo is to protect the hair – Cleanse your hair of impurities. In doing so, it removes the grease layer the hair needs and opens the scales, making hair vulnerable, dry and unruly. To reduce the negative effects of shampoo, you need to wash it off as quickly as possible.


Myths about shampoo
Myth 5. Instead of using regular shampoo, it’s better to use «2 в 1» or more.
Really. The action of shampoo is opposite to that of balm and conditioner, so it’s best to use them separately.

«» of the shampoo is the balm and conditioner. They close the scales, so hair doesn’t lose moisture, and cover it with a protective layer. Both products are needed to prepare your hair for damaging influences, such as blow drying. Balm differs from conditioner in that it nourishes the hair a little. And conditioner prevents static and leaves hair manageable to detangle.

What is a hair mask? This is – Intensive care and revitalizing tool. It nourishes the curls and scalp much deeper than balm, contains substances that increase capillary blood flow and often – therapeutic ingredients. Masks are rarely used, but often.

Sequence and method of application

  • Shampoo
  • Balm
    Apply a small amount to the entire length of your hair, including the roots. Do not rub into the skin. Rinse out after the specified time on the package (holding it longer does not help).
  • Mask – Once or twice a week, as needed
    Apply it to the entire length of the hair. After a suitable amount of time, apply an indelible balm to cover the hair scales.
  • Conditioner
    On the towel-dried wet or dry hair, so it is easier to comb. Don’t apply to the roots, so your hair doesn’t lose volume.
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