How to choose thermal socks 10 warm models for winter

Leggings won’t sweat on your feet. They are warm and dry in cold and slushy. Because fabric fibers are able to remove moisture and keep a comfortable temperature of the feet, and it is a guarantee of warmth, even in the bitter cold.

Socks differ in purpose. To make them comfortable, the products are sewn according to different technologies. Manufacturers take into account the nuances of consumers’ occupation and develop a special type of knitting, thermoregulation zones, adding to the fiber weaving silver threads to exclude odors. For example:

    — zoned. Heel, arch of foot, and toe are sealed. And for accelerated removal of moisture along or across the sock are channels with a thin knit; . These socks your feet in the dry. Profiled terry patches absorb shocks and protect sensitive areas of the feet and ankles from abrasions and injuries. The material does not stretch. When washed, the product does not shrink and does not shed. Due to the silver ions in the fibers (not all models), does not form the smell, so that the feet do not stink even if the whole day without taking off shoes;

Inner layer merino

    — Protect from fire. Socks do not char, even at +400°С. They’re also waterproof: they wick sweat away and don’t even let a drop get in. «Breathe». Protect your feet from cuts. Suitable for firefighters and rescuers who are constantly at risk.

Thermal socks — Not a cure-all. Don’t rely solely on their miraculous efficacy. If you’re wearing skinny footwear, they won’t keep you warm, so wear seasonally appropriate footwear, — then you’ll get the result.

Inmove Outdoor Mosquitostop

assess the height of the cuff.

  • Tall (knee socks) designed for rubber boots. Socks fit snugly against your feet, will not slip and will not feel in your shoes at all.
  • Average socks have standard heights. These models create a feeling of «Second skin». The socks are anatomically shaped: left (L) and right (R), do not mix up. Wear them with sneakers and tracks.
  • Low-cut socks are designed for weather days. They are comfortable to walk in outdoors, as they are ideal for summer trekking.

How to choose thermal socks

Adjust your socks to the season.

  • Feet are comfortable in lightweight in the summer. — Medium-thickness, such for the fall and spring, when wetness dominates. — thick knit. These socks are ideal for the cold.

to choose the warmest for winter, you should prefer woolen, because they have no equal ability to warm. As an option — Merino wool.

Merino wool — merino wool from mountain sheep. These are found in Australia and New Zealand, where the climate is mild and the grasslands are vast. Merino wool is the softest. It is five times thinner than human hair. «Doesn’t bite», wicks away perspiration and keeps feet at a comfortable temperature indoors and out. Keeps you warm.

  • Even when the temperature drops drastically from -20 to +20°С.
  • Even if you get your boots wet and your socks are wet, you won’t feel the cold.
Inmove Trekking Deodorant

Thermo socks need gentle care. Hand wash and dry «Delicate washing». Dry away from radiators and other heating elements, so that the yarn does not lose its wonder properties.

Study the composition of the fiber. Decide which socks are best for you.

layer merino wool acrylic

Material Ratio in the composition of the product Features
Siltex ≈10% Wicks moisture away from the body quickly. Keeps you perfectly warm, even in freezing temperatures
Merino Wool ≈15-85% Absorbs moisture quickly, «no bite», Keeps you warm
Lycra ≈5% Elastic material with exceptional fit
Polyamide ≈15% For durability. Fast drying and ventilated
Thermocool ≈80% Improves air circulation in the heat and prevents hypothermia due to the cross-section of the fibers

Which socks are the warmest?

These are the 10 warmest pairs for winter — Men’s and women’s.

Naturehike Women`s Merino Wool

For hiking they — masthave. And they’re great for everyday wear, too.

Inner layer merino wool

Those who are already wearing them wouldn’t trade them for anything else, and for these reasons:

    as warm as a blanket.
  • Also transfers moisture away from the skin and the flat seams don’t chafe.
  • And best of all — Improve circulation, do not cause irritation and prevent bad odor.
  • Socks softest. They have an anatomic fit.
  • 80% merino wool,
  • 10% nylon,
  • 10% spandex.

GM sport Alpine Touring Ski L+R Comfort Thermocool

Tailored with «stocking knit». Smooth surface, no patterns, no terry cloth inserts. The socks do not stretch and do not shed after washing.

Wear them to walk and run comfortably. GM sport Alpine Touring do not slip or twist in the shoe. Elastic inserts at the foot and ankle make them fit like flush to the foot.

  • 45% polyester,
  • 35% cotton,
  • 15% elastane,
  • 5% nylon.

Inmove Trekking Deodorant Silver

These socks have three «pluses».

  1. Protect against bacterial and fungal infections.
  2. Fabric fibers contain silver ions that help prevent odors.
  3. Dry quickly.

Soft terry patches absorb shock. these zones protect ankles and feet from abrasions and injuries. Inmove Trekking Deodorant keeps feet dry even in damp boots, and once you wash your socks, they dry in an hour.

  • 70% polypropylene,
  • 19% polyamide,
  • 8% cotton,
  • 3% elastane.

GM sport Alpine Ski Competition Merino

Lightweight, warm, durable. And all these features with the addition of «super». Flat seam at the toe, hand-knitted, the sock does not chafe, does not twist in the shoe and does not slip off the foot.

Inmove Trekking Deodorant

The GM sport Alpine Ski has three noteworthy facts.

  1. 100% merino wool. This yarn creates a special microclimate on the surface of the body: these socks are neither cold nor hot.
  2. The yarn does not cause allergies.
  3. Fibers protect against ultraviolet light, «breathable» And moisture wicking.

Inner layer merino wool

  • 52% merino wool,
  • 20% silk,
  • 14% nylon,
  • 14% Lycra elastane.

Inmove Outdoor Mosquitostop

Socks made with three-ply terry cloth. Designed for people who appreciate soft material and suffer from corns.

Flat inseam at toe — for comfort. Silvered fibers prevent odor formation by neutralizing sweat bacteria. The lycra in the Inmove Outdoor Mosquitostop fabric ensures a good fit of the sock to the foot and the special finish does two good things.

  1. Diverts moisture from the feet.
  2. Protects legs from mosquito bites and ticks.
  • 78% cotton,
  • 20% polypropylene,
  • 2% elastane.

Dexshell Terrain

Super tough Dexshell Terrain Walking Ankle three-layer, waterproof, antibacterial. Heel, toe area and outsole are sealed. Moisture is absorbed through the thin membrane and not a single drop gets inside, so no matter what the weather conditions «breathable» absolutely dry. Silver-treated fibers. This gives the socks a long-lasting antibacterial coating. Even if they are not taken off during the day after intensive walking, there is no unpleasant smell.

  • outer layer: 83% polyester, 9% nylon, 3% elastane, optional 5% elastic in the sock elastic;
  • Middle layer: Porelle membrane;
  • Inner layer: 76% Coolmax FX, 24% nylon.

Dexshell Trekking

Durable, warm and waterproof. Dexshell Trekking S are popular among hikers because they help out when your feet get cold in slushy weather. Cuff — elastane. It keeps your socks in place even when you’re bouncing through drifts.

layer merino wool
  • 96% nylon, 4% elastane outer layer;
  • middle layer: membrane insert;
  • Inner layer: 38% merino wool, 38% acrylic, 20% nylon.

Dexshell Camouflage

Designed for fishermen and hunters. Socks don’t get wet and stay warm in cold winter weather. camouflage coloration and elongated fit — distinctive qualities of Dexshell Camouflage Sock.

  • outer layer: 96% nylon, 3% elastane, 1% elastic for elastic bands;
  • The middle layer is an elastic, waterproof and breathable Porelle membrane;
  • Inner layer: 38% merino wool, 38% acrylic, 24% nylon fibers.

Blaser Long

Super tough. Socks keep warmth in and absorb moisture. The Blaser Long 39-41 has a specially designed plush cushioning for feet walking for miles in the cold.

  • 50% merino wool,
  • 50% polypropylene.

Falke St4

Socks do not tear. Anatomically knitted toe prevents blisters. Silicone inserts on the inside and outside of the Falke St4 stabilize the foot in the shoe. The product is comfortable and warm. Reinforced compression zones protect shin from injuries and sprains. The 3-layer construction wicks moisture away and thermally regulates even when the shoe gets wet and damp.

  • 50% polypropylene,
  • 20% acrylic,
  • 18% merino wool,
  • 12% polyamide.

See the overview of how FALKE socks are designed

membrane Inner layer

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