How to eliminate the odor in the fridge

How to eliminate the smell in the fridge

Many housewives are guilty of not having time to track down and dispose of any leftovers in time. But the most fervent custodians of cleanliness also smell the refrigerator.


Such a fridge can not only spoil the appetite at the stage of opening the door, but also leave an unpleasant aroma on the products stored there.

Causes of unpleasant odor in the fridge

The most common causes of unpleasant odor from the fridge are the following:

  • Food spoiling inside the fridge (when something is forgotten);
  • Small particles of food accumulated on the shelves and walls (crumbs, sauce stains, etc.).п.), especially the places between the shelves and the walls of the fridge;
  • Moisture accumulation on the back wall, as the result of this bacterial plaque and mold appear;
  • the intense smell of certain foods (fish, onions, etc.п.);
  • clogged drainage system.

Your new fridge-freezer may also smell: the smell of the plastic can be quite strong and unpleasant, especially if it has been purchased at a reduced price – Cheap companies save on quality materials.

Clean the fridge

It is imperatively necessary to wash the freshly purchased fridge from the inside before connecting it to the power supply, as it is written about in the instruction. A solution of baking soda, soap or dishwashing liquid is used for this purpose. First, all walls, shelves and drawers thoroughly wiped with a wet sponge dipped in the solution, then a clean damp cloth, after which it is recommended to wipe all surfaces dry and air for 3-6 hours. This is usually enough to get rid of the smell of plastic.

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A dirty fridge should be cleaned in the same way, defrosting it first and using substances with a stronger action. This can be both special means of factory production, as well as homemade solutions:

  • Vinegar diluted 1:1;
  • Baking soda (minimum 3 teaspoons per glass of water);
  • lemon juice diluted 1:1 (or a 2 teaspoon solution of citric acid per glass);
  • A solution of ammonia (aka ammonia alcohol) diluted in 1 ml of liquid per 100 ml of water.

All these remedies not only perfectly wash away plaque and dirt, but also kill bacteria and mold, as well as eliminate unpleasant odors. If the smell is weak, ordinary baking soda is enough, strong ones can be defeated by vinegar, lemon juice, in the extreme case you can resort to using ammonia.

Pay special attention to the corners. Remove all shelves and drawers and wash them separately. You should not overlook the rubber gasket on the door: crumbs often accumulate in it. After treatment it is also necessary to rinse, wipe and ventilate the refrigerator thoroughly.

Use adsorbents to eliminate unpleasant odors in the refrigerator

In stores you can find ready-made adsorbents (substances that take away unpleasant odors). They pick up odors for a period of time, after which they must be changed. Among such absorbers are popular balls with silica gel.

To avoid spending too much money, you can use what you have in every home. In the refrigerator, you can place them in canvas bags or plates:

  • salt;
  • soda;
  • activated charcoal;
  • tea bags.

Mask the odor

You can use natural flavorings such as freshly ground coffee, orange peels, lemon slices as deodorizers. They should be placed on a saucer at the bottom of the refrigerator, but care should be taken: lemons and oranges themselves can spoil and get moldy, so you should change them every few days.


For this purpose, spices available at home are perfect: cinnamon, thyme, cloves will give a pleasant aroma, but do not rely on them if a strong and persistent smell has developed inside the cell.

Cleaning the drain

Modern refrigerators have a drainage system: the condensate formed on the back wall gradually drains down into a special hole. Bacteria often begin to multiply in the water, forming a plaque that blocks the outlet of this system. Periodically, the drain needs to be cleaned:

  • remove the stopper from the opening;
  • Clean the gutter thoroughly where condensation accumulates;
  • Use cotton swabs to clean the plaque from the hole itself.

A working drain will allow liquid to drain out, and excess moisture will not accumulate in the refrigerator.


To prevent unpleasant odors

The appearance of unpleasant odor in the refrigerator is much easier to prevent than to get rid of it: plastic elements perfectly absorb all the flavors, so if you forgot a piece of meat, leaving on a business trip, you will have to repeatedly wash and long air the refrigerator.

It is much easier to prevent it. To do this, it is sufficient to follow certain rules;

  • do not put open foods, cover them with cling film, or put them in containers;
  • Remove spoiled foods in time;
  • At least once a month, wipe all interior surfaces of your refrigerator with a damp cloth;
  • periodically check and, if necessary, clean the drain;
  • Defrost and wash the entire refrigerator at least twice a year;
  • Use adsorbents.

If you follow all of these recommendations, you can always boast of a perfectly clean refrigerator without unpleasant odor. Plus, a clean fridge is better for holding food and slower for bacteria and mold.


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