Leaking iron 3 ways to remove limescale

You want your iron to last and not leave rusty marks on your clothes? Keep it free of limescale! F.ua will share with you three effective ways to clean your appliance, if when ironing it leaks rusty water.

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Limescale builds up inside the soleplate and deposits on the parts of the appliance. That’s why steaming steam leaks dirty water with impurities from the honeycomb soleplate and stains the laundry. If the self-cleaning feature (not all models come with one) doesn’t help, try the tried and true descaling methods.

The first way to clean the limescale

Proceed as follows:

citric acid
  • Dilute a sachet of citric acid in a glass of hot water;
  • Fill the reservoir of the appliance;
  • Set the iron to the maximum heat level;
  • When it is switched off (wait until the indicator light goes out), run powerful jets of steam on the iron by swinging it horizontally back and forth, and then left and right. This way the water from the reservoir will be in contact with the heated heating element. Under the influence of the temperature difference and acid medium, the scale flakes off and comes out through the holes in the bottom. The water gradually cools the heaters and cleans the holes.

Repeat these operations for the best effect. You will see: the steam will carry away the limescale and debris.

citric acid

The second way to clean your iron

A newer model has a pinch pin on which limescale deposits will settle. To prevent the soleplate from leaking, take it out regularly and soak it in a solution of acetic or citric acid for 2 hours. After that, rinse with running water and return to the iron.


The third way to clean

Suitable only for irons with a metal soleplate:

  • Place the appliance in a wide skillet or on a baking tray;
  • Pour hot water so that it covers the sole of the iron by 1.5 cm;
  • add vinegar at the rate of 1 cup per 1 liter of water;
  • turn the steam regulator to the maximum setting;
  • Turn on the stove and bring the solution to a boil;
  • Turn off the burner and allow the water to cool. Then repeat the process.

Warning: never plug the iron into the socket so you don’t get electrocuted.


Rinse the soleplate with running water and leave it to dry for a day. For the test ironing, use a piece of cotton cloth that is not too shabby. Most of the deposits will remain on it.

Now you know what to do if your iron leaks.

citric acid

If after the descaling procedure water is still leaking from the soleplate, contact the Service Centre. Knowledgeable specialists «Support.ua» Diagnose and repair the device.

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