Overview of handheld milling machines

One of the best selling models of the brand Uragan. This household fre­grain has a medium power (1200 watts), which certainly does not­High weight and size of the machine. About­rotas are adjustable. Side stop punch­Screw-on rails. Precision underwheel­the depth gauge is located on the side of the housing. Slider type switch.

fine tuning

Rich and complete. It has everything you need in the job: 6mm and 8mm collet inserts, copy bushing, slot cutter, circular center.

Freud FT3000 VCE

Functionally good model with an attractive design. 1900 watts power, variable speed, maximum plunge depth of cutter — 62 mm. «Revolver» the machine has a three-stage, made by casting, has a vertical stop for rough depth adjustment, as well as a built-in pin for fine-tuning. As a package — 8- and 12-milli­one meter collet inserts. The side stop is molded and finely adjustable.

Perhaps the main feature of the tool­ment — possibility of mounting upside down. Freud sells both a table with­adjustable turret and routing attachment­The table can be angled as well as a set of accessories­The following options are available for this type of work.

Casals VF1050 EM

Inexpensive specimen of a home router with impressive equipment. Power­The power is low (1050 watt), speed is adjustable from 13000-30000 rpm, the vertical positioning is “upside down”­Circular strokes of the burrs — 43 mm. no fine tuning of the depth. Vertical stop made of steel. lateral — stampo­fixed on the platform in three points. Features a spindle lock button. tool is delivered in a carrying case with 12 cutters. Drum on board­Three step.

Professional model, the only milling machine in the product line «Interscola» and also has a lot of advantages.

Machine powerful (1900 watt) with adjustable­variable speed. 8-speed turret stop. There is an option for both coarse and fine tuning the depth of the dive.

side stop

The side stop is molded, equipped with­with a wheel for fine tuning. Collet inserts for cutters with 8 and 12 mm shank. Any­What’s great about this is that the milling machine is exceptionally inexpensive — the machine is outstanding for its price class.

Elmos ERW-18E

speed adjustable

The model is extremely powerful (2 kilos)­watt!) and, by all accounts, does a fine job­handles even hard wood. Speed control.

To plunge the router, you rotate one of the knobs. To avoid jerking and cutting into the mat­the router material, which leaves behind traces on the workpiece. There is a mechanism for exact undercutting of the tool­for precise control of the working depth of the cutters. Knob on the upper part of the housing. Another feature: there is no guide rods for the parallel stop, the platform is mounted on a special rail.

0F2000 E-Plus

In addition to the cutter, the kit includes a side stop and circular center.

This model can be rightly called an ascetic «pro» top level. Perhaps the most important thing about it — quality. Adjustments — minimum. There is only a three-step drum and a limited­depth of milling. No wheels for fine tuning.

variable speed

Stamped side stop. Power­The machine has 530 watts of power, the speed is not adjustable and is 35,000 rpm at idle speed. Maximum milling depth — 35 mm suitable diameter of the mill shank — 8 mm.

Professional category model «premium». Has a variety of adjustments­adjustments and an unusual sawdust extraction system. Power 1100 watt, spindle speed adjustable (8000-24000 rpm). Provides both coarse setting and fine under­milling depth adjustment. Molded side stop with adjustment wheel.

0F2000 E-Plus

Good visibility to the milling area is worth noting, because the sawdust removal takes place via the left boom (uses DeWalt’s patented system). Electric­The ronics provides speed stabilization under load and also provides soft start. The switch has both a lock for accidental start-up, and a fixation in the enabled position.

Collet inserts for shank diameters of 6 and 8 millimeters are included.

side stop

Festool 0F2000/1 E-Plus «The Fiolent » Inexpensive, but still high quality­ «pro». MFZ-1100E is no exception. It is equipped with a few special features, such as. Relatively low power consumption: Thanks to the compact motor it weighs very little and does not take up much space. Speed is adjustable. Revolver stop — three-stage. Side cut out of sheet steel, the guides are fixed on the platform with screws with a landing­handles. The depth limiter has no fine-tuning function. Equipped with 8 mm collet insert.

Festool 0F2000/1 E-Plus

This model is quite suitable for the role of an elite «pro» with a solid set of features.

The machine was equipped with a 2,000 watt motor, a very extensive electronics­The system has a load-sustaining speed control system, speed adjustment, soft start, and overload protection, as well as all kinds of adjustments. Three-stage, vertical turret has both coarse and fine-tuning function at­of the punching system. This design also requires a side stop on the side of the die­The two bearings with the grooves on the back of the chuck are made of carbon steel and are mounted on a pulley­collet mounts with interference fit. The model is supplied in a systainer. Festool also offers many accessories for the machine, including a guide rail.

Rythm MEF-1600E

A domestic model, not lacking in special features­. Power of the motor — 1600 watt, speed adjustable. Not exactly the usual mechanism of the sawdust outlet. They are extracted through a channel in the platform, which is an extension of the patented­Side on the edge of the base plate.

Plunge depth adjustment includes both coarse and fine-tuning to within a tenth of a millimeter. Side stop on the die­It has a wheel for adjusting the projector­edge-to-edge distance. Model is equipped with a collet insert for shank diameters­12mm rum.

The model also represents the elite, but already a household tool. Milling machine has a relatively low power (1200 watts) and variable speed. Both coarse and fine depth adjustment (spindle with thumbwheel) is possible. turret stop — Three-stage. The tool supplies­Available in a carrying case with 6 cutters included.

side stop

The set also includes 8mm insert in the collet. The machine does not weigh much because of its low power. Controls are compactly grouped so that it is possible to work with one hand. Cutter change with spindle locking.

Rebir FM3S-1300

variable speed

The model is appealing because of its simplicity, and therefore its low price. Most indicative­The side stop, which is in fact a solid piece of sheet steel, is lenient in this respect, with even the usual plastic «The new GF 1300 CE is equipped with both speed regulation and soft start, as well as speed control of the load shoe» no.

Depth setting process for router bits­The plunging attachment is also uncomplicated on the machine. There’s a 3-step drum, a metal vertical stop, and a ruler — simple and proven mechanism. Electronic control of spindle speed. integrated­Five cutters and 6.35 and 8mm collet inserts are included.

Bosch GOF 1300 CE

Another top-class professional machine. Powerful motor — 1300 watt. The model is fully equipped with electronics­It has both speed regulation and soft start, as well as speed control under load. Vpro­That is not the only advantage of the GOF 1300 CE. It has a coarse and precise plunge depth setting, molded parallel stop with a wheel for correction. Includes, among other things, a copying sleeve with centering­The plunger has a 8mm collet insert, as well as an 8mm collet insert. Three of the seven turret stops are height adjustable.

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