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Nowadays the issue of healthy, healthy and tasty food is the most pressing in the world. More and more people are trying to watch their diet, striving for a healthy lifestyle and active longevity. It has been proven for a long time that the healthiest foods are steamed. They do not lose their properties and substances, remain as rich in vitamins and trace elements as possible.

You can cook tasty and healthy food in a steam cooker. The construction of the gas cooker is very simple. But despite this, it is still quite in demand.

First of all, a steam cooker is necessary for people in the post-surgical period, pregnant women and those who care about their health. Steamed foods retain their weight and volume, maximum micronutrients and vitamins. They have a richer, more distinct flavor and contain fewer calories. Food cooked in the steam cooker is more digestible by the body than fried or baked.

The construction of the gas cooker is very simple. Fill a large container or saucepan two thirds full with water, place a food tray on top and cover it with a lid. Water begins to boil, steaming the food, which promotes even cooking.

This method of cooking is good because the food does not burn, does not fry, does not decrease in volume, and does not require the addition of oil, which is very important.

The use of the steam cooker saves cooking time, since it allows several dishes to be cooked at the same time. It uses several tray baskets which are placed one on top of the other.

Material for making steam cookers can be stainless steel and aluminum.

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Aluminum steam cookers quickly become dull and easily deformed, which leads to loose adhesion of baskets to each other. The steam then exits the steamer, not creating the necessary conditions for cooking. The steam cooker fails.

Stainless steel steam cooker is resistant to any deformations and absolutely does not lose its original appearance, which makes it more reliable in use and durable.

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You can cook meat, fish, vegetables, dumplings, dumplings, and manti in the steam cooker, and the fish is especially delicious and tender. Some steam cooker models come with a bowl for cooking groats. If the water boils over quickly during cooking, you must add the required amount without interrupting the cooking process. You can only add boiling water.

It is not recommended to steam pasta, peas and other legumes. Pasta can turn into a homogeneous, unattractive mass, while cooking peas or beans all the time will have to add water, which greatly increases the cooking time.

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Today’s market offers more and more electric steam cooker models, but gas cookers continue to hold on to their niche in the consumer market.

In order to purchase a quality and durable steamer, the following criteria should be considered when choosing one.

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First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the steam cooker. Aluminum models are inexpensive, lightweight, but not reliable. Their service life is not more than two years. Pressure cookers made of stainless steel are reliable, durable and can be used as usual pots.

When choosing a steam cooker, be sure to consider the volume, which ranges from 0.7 to 3.5 liters. The volume of the steam cooker is calculated according to the number of family members.

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Different models of steam cookers have a different number of tray baskets: from one to three pieces. Multi-level designs make it possible to prepare several dishes at the same time, which saves a lot of time.

Gas pressure cookers are not characterized by bright design, they do not have any decoration, which would become a decoration of the kitchen interior. They are minimalist and sleek enough, but no less stylish and work well with any décor.

The gas cooker is the perfect solution for cooking healthy and delicious food. A steam cooker is a functional appliance that can be used both as an ordinary pot and as a steam cooker.

Steam cooker models have a number of useful features that any housewife will appreciate. The multi-layered, heat-accumulating bottoms of gas cookers heat up quickly, evenly distributing heat to allow food to cook equally on all sides.

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The bakelite handles of the steam cookers are heat-resistant and do not get hot, so you can remove the pot from the fire with your bare hands.

Steam cookers have transparent lids made of heat-resistant glass that gives you a direct view of the cooking process.

Pressure cooker pots look very stylish, do not oxidize when exposed to fire and are easy to clean.

Some models of steam cookers are equipped with additional utensils (removable levels, colanders, extra bowls), which can be stored in a matryoshka-like manner and used for simultaneous cooking.

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The main advantage of a gas cooker is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to an electric steamer. The gas steamer is easy to use, has several different levels, is easy to clean, folds up, stores conveniently with other pans and requires no special additional space for placement.

Gas steam cookers don’t use electricity and use a regular gas burner to keep water boiling. These models of steam cookers can be used even in camping conditions, such as cooking on a campfire.

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For the more affluent part of the population, the modern market offers gas steamers in the form of built-in units. They are installed in the kitchen, like gas stoves, they are supplied with gas and must be connected to the water supply.

Stationary steamers have the most advanced programming and control functions. They have a system of water purification and keeping food trays perfectly clean. Such cooking units, of course, have a very high cost.

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To sum up, we would like to remind you that food cooked on steam, preserves all microelements and vitamins. Steamed, not using fat, you can prepare low-calorie dishes that are easily digested by the body. The steamer preserves the natural flavor of the food as much as possible, so the food has a beautiful and appetizing appearance.

On our site you can choose and purchase a steam cooker that will be a great gift and indispensable helper for your family. Such a useful thing as a steamer is, above all, a concern for the health and well-being of your loved ones.

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