Tea service, a brief survey

Today it is almost impossible to imagine our life without tea. Tea is a constant companion at meals, whether it be for breakfast or dinner at home, or a festive banquet. Tea is drunk not only with meals but also as a warming and healthy drink. The brew for the tea, in addition to tea leaves, can be any herbal or plant assemblage.

Tea is a delicious and aromatic drink. Thanks to its useful properties, it increases vitality, normalizes blood circulation, relieves muscle tension.

Drinking this drink entered our everyday life under the name of tea-drinking, and in the culture of Eastern nations it has a beautiful name – the tea ceremony.


No tea party, let alone a tea ceremony, can do without a beautiful and comfortable special tea set.

Porcelain tea [service](/luminarc-akciya-serviz-luminarc-sweet-line-white-chayn-4-120-(sht-)-info.In the past centuries, tea was a family treasure and was passed on as a legacy. Nowadays, having a porcelain tea set in the house is an indicator of good taste and family well-being.

Porcelain service

In many countries the process of drinking tea has become a special ritual. In England, China, and Japan, tea is drunk at certain times of the day and with all the components of this ceremony.

Tea set is an obligatory attribute, inherent in our culture of tea-drinking as well. Beautiful cups with saucers, a hollow teapot and a sugar bowl are placed on the table, tea is poured into the cups, unhurried and pleasant conversation, cozy atmosphere, a feeling of warmth and comfort.

teapot sugar

Porcelain tea [service](/luminarc-lum-selma-serv-z-stoloviy-19pr-g9413-159455-info.The porcelain teapots and teapots (see “2”) came to us from the East. First widely used in China, India, and Japan. These were miniature cups and small teapots, made in the same style, for a certain number of people.

With time, tea cups began to increase in size and were followed by large teapots, sugar bowls, and milk bowls. Production of porcelain spread throughout Europe.


From the mid-19th century to the present day, the tea [service](/luminarc-lum-authentic-white-nab-r-dlya-chayu-220ml-12pr-d8766-153805-info.It was practically unchanged in shape and composition. A classic tea set includes a cup and saucer, a teapot, a jug, a sugar bowl, a spoon tray, and a dessert tray.

The most popular are tea sets for 6 to 12 people, which consisted on average of 30 or more items. Tea sets for up to 24 people belong to the premier class sets, they have refined decoration and a large number of items.


Porcelain sets are made of elite ceramics, they indicate wealth and exquisite taste of their owners. The porcelain pieces are distinguished by its noble shapes, delicate painting and plating. They should be slightly transparent, light and smooth. When accurately hit, the porcelain should emit a melodious ringing. These characteristics indicate the quality of the porcelain.

Japanese porcelain is still elite, luxurious and magnificent. Therefore, today it is very prestigious to own a Japanese tea service. This service allows you to enjoy the best traditions of tea-drinking. You will appreciate the calm, elegant, aesthetically pleasing design. Japanese sets amaze with their exquisite shapes, elegant contours and original ornaments.

sugar bowl

Today porcelain tea sets produced in the Czech Republic are very popular. They are distinguished by high quality, elegant design and original decorations. This set will be a wonderful decoration of your interior.

Glassware has become an integral part of our lives and occupies a special place in home interiors. They reflect our high-speed, high-tech age.


Luminark tableware is a bright, exclusive design of colors, high quality and practicality. Durable glass, created by special technology to withstand great temperature differences, can be used in the microwave oven, the oven, the dishwasher, while bright colors will not lose their pattern. The Luminark tea set will be a real decoration of the table.

The Bohemia Czech tea service made of translucent glass with gold will amaze you with its high quality and beauty. Dishes are made both in classic and modern design. The services are decorated with ornaments, gold and platinum rims, and other decorative elements. Tea set from the Czech Republic will be an exclusive addition to your interior and will delight you with its perfect shape and exquisite design.

Tea service symbolizes comfort, warmth and peace of mind, as well as a sign of good taste, refinement and elegance. A tea set remains one of the most attractive and desired presents for any festive occasion.

Choosing a tea set as a gift, you must consider not only the taste preferences of its future owner, but also the rhythm of his life, then your gift will be appreciated.


A tea set will be a great decoration for a kitchen or a dining room, a manager’s office or a staff lounge, it will always find its rightful place in everyday life.

A tea set as a gift is a kind of hint at trust, warm and sincere relationship, which can become a guarantee of lasting friendship.

everyday life

A gift tea set should be chosen very carefully. Try to choose a set that corresponds to the tastes of the hero of the occasion. Otherwise it will simply gather dust on a shelf in a kitchen cupboard for years and nobody will remember where it came from…

As a gift for a man is good strict and stylish, black or navy blue tea set. A woman is better to give a bright service with a floral theme and colorful decorations.

All the most joyous and solemn moments of your life should be decorated with the necessary luxury and splendor. Table and tea sets play an important role in this. Our online store offers a wide range of high quality tableware from leading manufacturers. In our shop you can find classic and modern models to suit every taste.

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