The 5 most common causes of washing machine malfunctions

Whatever the causes of failure of the washing machine, it is better to entrust the case to a professional handyman. But sometimes the problem is so obvious that you can fix it yourself.

The breakdown of the washing machine: 5 major faults

1. The washing machine is not getting water or is getting water slowly

Before you call a maker, make sure that the water supply to your washer-dryer is not depressurized:

  • whether the water supply valve is open;
  • whether the filter is clogged;
  • Whether the door of the washing machine is closed;
  • whether the pressure in the water system has dropped;
  • Check to see if the water inlet hose is kinked.

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To clean the filter:

  • Unscrew the water inlet hose,
  • Remove the strainer with pliers,
  • Flush it thoroughly.
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If the above steps did not yield results and the problem remains, call a specialist. The inlet valve, water level switch or electronic module may be broken.

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2. The washing machine does not heat water

Frequent faults are hidden in the heater (in the heating element). Causes of the breakdown:

heating element
  • the appliance is short-circuited;
  • voltage fluctuations;
  • A long period of operation;
  • hard water.

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Scale formed on the metal surface of the heater, deteriorates heat exchange and destroys it. In addition, the service life of the heating element largely depends on the washing temperature. If you boil the laundry frequently, the heater will break down faster.

Failure of the automatic washing machine often occurs when the machine is improperly connected. Therefore, the dialed water can spontaneously drain into the drain, not having time to heat up.

In order to determine the cause of failure, a qualified technician will always check the temperature sensor, which is responsible for heating the water, or the electronic module, which affects all the processes that occur in the machine.

3. The washing machine does not spin the laundry

Among the possible malfunctions are often the following:

  • The switch is defective «spin stop»;
  • motor is damaged or brushes are worn out;
  • The heating element is damaged.

4. The drum of the washing machine does not rotate

This is one of the most common breakdowns that occurs when the machine is overloaded. 4 common causes:

  • a foreign object is stuck between the tank and drum;
  • the drive belt is loose, torn or broken;
  • the motor is burnt out;
  • The electronic module is broken.

If you would like to try to solve the problem yourself, first check the drum’s free rotation by turning it in different directions. If it does not spin, it means that a foreign object has got into the tank. If the drum does not rotate freely, if you do not hear any extraneous noises, check the tension of the drive belt by first removing the back and side panels of the washing machine.

More serious problems with the washing machine lie in the motor malfunction, which are identified in a comprehensive diagnosis by experienced specialists. Do not try to do the repair yourself.к. Your actions can disable the sensor settings.

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5. Water leaking from the washing machine

If such a breakdown has occurred with a new appliance, contact a service center immediately and they will diagnose and repair the problem free of charge. As a rule, water leaks due to a manufacturing defect or improper installation of the device.

In the case where the machine has served you for more than a year and its warranty has expired, try to figure it out yourself:

  • Inspect the drain hose and cold water supply hose at the junctions and kinks;
  • If there are cracks or the hose is broken, buy a new one.

Often water leaks in front-loading washing machines due to loss of tightness of the rubber cuff of the hatch door. This can happen if the drum is not ventilated after a wash: the seal does not dry out and becomes loose over time.

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Also, water can leak from the dispenser hopper. There are three reasons for this:

  • very intense water pressure;
  • the dispenser is overfilled with powder, so the water does not have time to drain into the tank, overflowing the tank and flowing down the front of the machine;
  • the dispenser is clogged with dried-up detergent.

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Now you know what the most widespread breakages of washing machines are.

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