Wet dry vacuum vs regular vacuum Cleaner- Which One Should You Buy?

For most home owners, their homes are their pride and most valued asset. Keeping your home clean ideally falls on the top of the list of priorities. That is why people invest in all types of tools, equipment and cleaning supplies to keep their homes clean. Vacuum cleaner is one of the most sought-after home appliances, which is present in almost every home today. We will review and compare wet dry vacuum vs regular vacuum.

There are different kinds of vacuum cleaners available in the market today. However, when it comes to choosing between wet and dry and regular vacuum cleaners, which one would be a better option for your home? A vacuum cleaner ideally must be effective, easy to maintain, and the vacuum cleaner price should be affordable.

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Wet dry vacuumRegular vacuum
Dust bag featuresThe function of the filter in it is performed by ordinary water, flooded from the tap. Using its potential to 100% allows Wet-Jet technology. The task of the aqua filter is to wet the particles, which, together with the airflow, move through them and lock them in the container.A bag vacuum cleaner uses a multilayer fiber dust bag. Unlike paper or fabric analogs, it is able to hold 50% more dust and other particles.
Suction powerThe suction power of a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter remains constant throughout the cleaning process.This figure for a model with a bag drops as the dust collector is full, which is extremely impractical, especially when it comes to cleaning a large area.
Features of the fine air purification systemA vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter is just as effective. The fine-cleaning system in it is represented by a HEPA filter. But it has a lower load than a similar element in the bag model. The fact is that most of the dust, wool, pollen remains in the Aqua-Box, HEPA 13 catches only the remaining poorly wettable dust.In the case with a bag dust collector, air enters the room after passing through a filter that is able to hold the smallest particles. Such a system is able to purify the air by 99, 99%.
The convenience of cleaning the dust bagWet dry vacuum cleaners with an aqua filter are not inferior in ease of care. After cleaning, you only need to pour water and garbage from the container. At the same time, dust and other allergens moistened with water will not get into the respiratory tract.Modern vacuum regular cleaners for the house with a bag are equipped with a system for automatically locking the dust bag, which is triggered when it is removed and does not allow the contents to get into the air. By throwing away the dust bag, you can be sure that the dust will not get into the air. The lack of models is the need to regularly buy disposable bags.
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner

Here are the main differences between a wet and dry vacuum cleaner and a regular vacuum cleaner, which will help you decide which one to buy:

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are far more flexible and versatile than regular vacuum cleaners. Most regular vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up dry spills such as dust, dirt, pet droppings such as fur, lint, and other dry dust. On the other hand, wet and dry vacuum cleaners have two different compartments, which are suitable for picking up both dry dust and wet spills.

wet vs dry vacuum cleaner
Wet vs dry vacuum cleaner

If you invest in a good wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you will never need to get professional carpet cleaning done ever again! The vacuum cleaner price for such models is also quite reasonable and more economical in the long run than hiring professional cleaning services. This is because wet and dry vacuum cleaners are designed to eliminate all forms of dirt, grime and spills.

While a regular vacuum cleaner will simply pick up dry dirt, dust and keep your floors and carpets clean, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can go a step ahead. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner models come with a deodorization procedure, which removes all kinds of foul odours from your carpets. This ensures that your carpets and your home are always fresh. You can live in a safe and healthy home.

Vacuum cleaner for wet carpet
Vacuum cleaner for wet carpet

Regular vacuum cleaners work great on carpets and upholstery; however, when it comes to picking up dirt and grime from other hard surfaces, they fail. In case of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you can clean your yard, basement, garage floors and all types of surfaces easily.

Hope these points can help our readers differentiate between a regular vacuum cleaner and a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It is certainly evident that a wet and dry vacuum cleaner provides much more advanced features and benefits when compared to a regular vacuum cleaner. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner price is also very affordable and is thus a good investment for all homes.

Wet dry vacuum vs regular vacuum Cleaner- Which One Should You Buy?
Wet dry vacuum vs regular vacuum Cleaner- Which One Should You Buy?

  1. Can wet vacuum cleaner clean carpet and retract the water?

  2. If you are asking if it will certainly suck the water out of the carpeting the solution is indeed. You just have to ensure the foam filter is in place of the dust filter so you do not destroy the dirt filter. The accessories that come with the vac are all you require.

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