What are selfies 5 secrets of a cool car photo

What is a selfie
selfies. selfie, ukr. selfies) – is a photo of yourself with a smartphone front camera from an outstretched hand.

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The hand can be continued with a monopod – a special selfie stick with a holder on the end. It allows you to capture more interesting things in the frame. But if your hand is not used or the author of the photo is not in the frame you will get anything but selfies. Some fans even consider the stick to be heresy and poppycock for tourists, although we know quite a few contenders for the photo of the year, taken with a selfie stick.

The name of this genre of photography comes from the English word self, one of the meanings of which is – «yourself», «himself». In our latitudes, these photos are also called «selfies» or «selfies». For those who can’t get past the mirror quietly, there is a special kind of – mirror selfie. They make it the main camera of the phone, filming their reflection in a full-length mirror – Usually in order to show «a great outfit» or lack thereof.


How to take beautiful selfies: 5 photo rules from genre stars

1. More light
Bright lighting – One of the best secrets to taking selfies that others aren’t ashamed to see. Turn on all the lights in the room or at least stand in front of a window. The light must fall on you, not blind the camera, otherwise you’ll end up as a dark silhouette. Outdoors, don’t hold your phone in line with the sun: the lighting of your face will be level, but your squinted grimace – no. The flash over illuminates the foreground and creates too sharp shadows, so use it carefully and definitely not for a DSLR autoshot. Better as an extra flash for your smartphone.

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2. Look for an interesting angle
What the camera captures creates the story of the photo. People are interested in looking at the author in two cases – If it is a star, someone sexy, or a fairy. you got it. The rest of us can only win with the story the combination tells «me + the setting».

How to find an angle: turn your head, look for the beautiful, the funny, the dangerous, the provocative – This is how you get ideas for selfies. Place it behind your back and express with facial expressions what’s going on. Although an impenetrable face is sometimes much more interesting.

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3. Find your pose
People who always turn out well in pictures have a tried-and-true, win-win pose. Find yours: move your shoulders and head and take test photos. Your phone camera should be exactly in front of your face, or just above it. Placing the camera below your face will show all your chins, even if there are none. And remember: lips «duck» Causing laughter and hatred from almost the entire internet.

4. Do your makeup (girls)
Light makeup can help girls get a good shot. Without it, the camera will carefully display under-eye circles and other skin imperfections. Even the best selfies can ruin a good selfie «rabbit’s eyes» – Tired and flushed, which is not uncommon in travel. Eye drops will come in handy, which will quickly clarify the whites and even visually enlarge the eyes.


5. Play with filters
Photo filters can help you add atmosphere to your photos and become more attractive, earning you a hundred or two more likes. Filters are built into your smartphone camera and in the form of mobile apps for fast photo processing.

The filters have no problem whitening your teeth to a Hollywood smile or dyeing your skin into a first-class sea tan. But do not overdo it, or you will become a victim of merciless trolling.

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Watch video how to take cool selfies without monopod

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