What is recuperation, or How to properly ventilate a room

Go to «Recuperators» our store, and you will see in devices of different types. Let’s understand the features so that you choose the best device. However, we also have devices for a small store or a cafe.

heat exchange

Airflow in a recuperator Determines how well the cold air entering the room is heated.

    Recuperators: in them warm and cold air moves in parallel. The simplest scheme with relatively weak heat exchange. In other words, in a strong frost the air that comes in the house will not get warm enough, and this is fraught with the loss of precious heat. Recuperators: the air streams move towards each other; the exchange of heat between them is the most effective.

recuperation properly ventilate

Heat exchanger design also affects the efficiency of heat exchange between the air streams.

    Recuperators pass air through a bundle of tubes. Simple scheme, but its heat transfer leaves much to be desired.
  • In plate recuperators the air passes between a large number of thin plates. These units are more compact and have better heat transfer. recuperators are even more efficient in all respects thanks to additional ribs on the plates.


Regenerator material indicates the specifics of the device.

    — it is a massive unit that stores heat and then returns it to the cold air for a long time. has a different purpose — rapid exchange of heat due to the high thermal conductivity of copper. This metal has another important property: it kills microorganisms, so the recuperator will not turn into their «».


The scope of the recuperator tells you what to choose for your home and what will suit your business.

    installed in apartments and private houses with a small number of inhabitants. Use in offices, large private homes, cafes, small stores. the installations are installed at industrial sites, major supermarkets, hospitals, etc.


We hope we have helped you understand this seemingly difficult topic. Now you can decide which recuperator to choose by easily navigating the «Recuperators». FYI, there is now a government compensation program for the purchase of recuperators and other equipment to save heat. Read more about how to buy a cheaper recuperator on this page.

Have fun breathing!


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