What to present the Car Lover? Choosing a car gift

Actually the choice of gifts – is a nice thing. Especially when you know that it’s not just a matter of «spouse flowers, kids ice cream», but something specific. Gifts for motorists are not particularly difficult. A little fantasy…

What’s the occasion??

That’s one thing – To choose a present for a motorist on the Driver’s Day or the New Year: you can do with something inexpensive (a keychain for keys, a purse for the same, a maximum – A suction cup with a waving handle or a funny sign like «Beware: the blind man behind the wheel»). You do not need a lot of money, and the search for a gift to the car will not take much time.

What to get the driver for his birthday?

It’s more of a challenge to your wallet and your ability to find solutions. You want to give him something: a) Necessary; b) Pleasant; c) Effective.
What to present a motorist on his birthday? You can’t solve this question in one day. If you can take a closer look: what he has and what he doesn’t have, the gift option «» rather.

Like? He (she) has more no GPS? But every driver dreams of a navigator! Check out online catalogs or visit a couple of salons like «A gift for the chauffeur», check out from 2000 p. and above), ask about the features of this particular brand – and feel free to buy.
Even if you have a GPS, but it is an old model and attached to the windshield with a suction cup (and it occasionally disconnects, the device falls off, the driver drives off on the curb…), it is possible, if finances allow or a gift from group of people, to please the birthday man a new model of the navigator, rigidly fixed to a rear-view mirror (about 10.000 р.). Any driver, whether professional or amateur, will accept such a gift on a hurray!

Choosing gifts for the male motorist we recommend to buy a recharging cord – For some reason the strong sex often forgets to charge their iPhones, iPads, cell phones (the cost of – from 500 to 800 p.). As the machine moves, it stores energy. By the way, there are also variants of electric razors that can be recharged in the car. You can get a razor, and a charger to go with it – nice birthday present!

Bought a new car

Oh, that’s a very big holiday in the life of any driver, beginner or experienced. Any other purchases are accepted «Washing up», and a bottle of expensive whiskey solves all problems. And a gift for a chauffeur should be very, very thoughtful.
A wonderful gift for the novice motorist in the car – is a DVR, not allowing to drive too fast and fixing moments of emergency. «Toy» not cheap (about 5000 p.), but very useful! We were all beginners, we all went through the phase when we stopped frantically clutching the steering wheel and hit the brakes at traffic lights even at a green light. Fear is replaced by euphoria: the hell with the «» not a brother, only a traffic police inspector can stop it. If there is a video recorder in the car, if the driver knows that any accident committed through his fault will be recorded, that the speed of movement is fixed, he will be more careful.

What to get the motorist who often goes out in cold weather?

Ideally – a set of studded tires on all four wheels, but such an expensive gift is not every driver and will accept! And here is a quality antifreeze expensive brand (for about 400 p.), heated wipers (for about 1000 p.), infrared seat heater (for about 2000 rubles.) will be applauded on «hurrah». Whatever you say, it is pleasant to drive with comfort: you can start the car on a cold day without any problem, the seat becomes warm in a few minutes, and there is no need to constantly direct a stream of warm air onto the windshield…

And now let’s imagine what to present the motorist, who spends a few hours a day on the road?

You know his musical tastes? Take your time to select a set of discs, buy a special case (in the area of 1000 p.), that each of them was in a separate pocket. It is nice, and it shows that you are not a formal approach to the selection of gifts.

The driver often has to talk on his cell phone? If there are headphones, then you can have a conversation without taking your eyes off the road. Almost all modern devices have a device for connecting headphones and microphone. You can perfectly perceive the speech of the interlocutor and answer him. A great gift! And inexpensive – in the neighborhood of 300-350 p.

What to present a female driver?

What to present a girl who finally got her hands on a brand new car? Given the weak sex’s passion for cleanliness and neatness, walk through the right department of the branded salon or make an order through the online catalog – And with kind wishes give the lady a set of seat covers (from 1500 to 3500 p.). Which? This is decided by the situation. There are beautiful seat covers-«T-shirts», There are also velvet or felt seat covers, which protect the backs of seats. For such a gift no motorist will be indifferent, because the car will immediately gain an identity, will be «cooler than Tanya’s», And at the same time it saves you from having to clean the dirty seats with all sorts of aerosols and brushes.

And now let’s summarize

A gift to the car should not be formal. A man can feel instantly, when they just want to give a gift and when they really give him (her) a sign of attention. It concerns, in fact, any gifts, but please the driver with some novelty, a convenient device, a necessary thing – sacred thing! I’m telling you as an experienced driver!

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