What you cut the tiles with to get a perfect, splinter-free cut

Let’s buy expensive tiles — Enjoy! Let’s start working with a tile cutter — Getting in trouble: it doesn’t cut well and gives you chips. One of two things: Either the roller is dull, or you are doing something wrong.


How to cut a tile with a manual tile cutter or glass cutter

The hand cutter, designed for thin and medium-hard ceramic and tile, is very easy to handle:

cutter machine

  • Mark the tile surface and cut toward you with force. Hold the glass or tile cutter at a right angle. You should get a visible continuous stripe on the face;
  • Take your time, press and break along this line like chocolate.

Soak a hard tile in water for about a half hour. It will cut evenly along the planned cut and bond well with the wall when laying.

There are two ways to break a tile.


  1. Align the cut with the edge of the table and press on the projecting area. Crack along the cutting line.
  2. Place the already-cut tile on a staple or nail. Apply pressure from both sides of the cut line. Break where it’s supposed to.

Here’s a tip:. How to cut a tile that «doesn’t fit» into the machine
Cut irregularly long tiles (over 60 cm) with a hand torch or glass cutter. The same tile scrap will serve as a ruler.
– Exactly align and mark the cutting edges.
– Cut this area off (a barely visible cutout is created).
– Stand the tile upright on your knee, grab the top edges and break it. That way, the edges of the halves are perfectly straight.

How to cut tiles with a mechanical (machine) tile cutter

The machine tile cutter can easily «» Even medium thickness floor products (6 mm). Because of the large diameter of the cutting wheel, the groove is deeper and the cut is easier to break. Can quickly cut pieces to size with minimal imperfections.


The advantage of the machine cut: the harder the tile structure, the easier it is to cut a narrow strip.

How to work with a machine tool:

  • Mark the cut on the face and lay it flat on the tool so that the cutting wheel aligns with the marking;
  • walk along the line, operating the lever;
  • fix the tile on both sides of the cut edge;
  • the opposite edge of the tile (ceramic) lift up and push down on the cutter handle;
  • it will split.
machine tile cutter

Lifechoice. How to cut porcelain tile or tile that constantly chipped
– Insert it into the machine, make the cut;
– Mark the boundaries of the cut and line the back side (level or ruler — to help );
– Cut along the marked border with a grinder, making an indentation. It will be thinner on the underside and marked on the outside with the tile cutter;
– Cut on the machine. There will be no chips or nicks in the cut. Don’t even need to sand.

See the video review of the advantages of Makita GA9010 and Makita GA9020 bolt cutters

machine tile

How to cut tiles without chips with an electric tile cutter

The best thing about water-cooled rotary cutters — Powerful diamond disc and water supply to the cutting point. Without dust or much effort on your part, the tool produces smooth-edged cuts even on porcelain stoneware up to 60 mm thick. In a matter of minutes, you can cut many and the right size without ruining any. Just don’t forget to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying crumbs.

Keep an eye on the water level in the bucket during cutting. This prevents the blade from overheating and breaking due to chips in the water.

ImportantYou can’t cut chipped stone tiles with an electric cutter. Ruin your diamond saw.


In addition to the many pluses, the electric torch has a significant disadvantage — high tool price. Professional models start at $700.

How to cut tiles in a semicircle and at a 45 degree angle

It is not difficult to make a semi-circular cut:

  • Mark the cut line with a marker and follow it with the glass cutter;
  • Slowly break away from the edge to the cut line with the pliers. If you bite off a lot, the tile will crack;
  • Sand any rough edges with an emery board or file.

To trim the end face at a 45 degree angle, you’ll need a grinder:

  • Step back a millimeter from the straight edge and grind at an angle of just over 45 degrees.
  • It will not cut straight, but that does not matter. The front edge will remain perfect (it will not be touched by the grinder), and the internal irregularities will be inside the seam and will be hidden by the grout. Allow it to dry thoroughly. The surface will be easy to clean — Dry grout rinses well, even from embossed tile.


Easy and fast repair!

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